Let’s have a look at how to effectively and efficiently train our biceps, forearms, and abs on this cycle of THT.

This is your Wednesday workout


  1. Standing Dumbbell Curls (Alternate)
  2. Standing Dumbbell Curls
  3. Standing Barbell Curls
  4. Standing Barbell Curls
  5. Standing Barbell Curls
  6. Seated Incline Dumbbell Curls
  7. Seated Incline Dumbbell Curls


  1. Dumbbell or Barbell Wrist Curls
  2. Dumbbell or Barbell Wrist Curls


  1. Weighted Decline Sit-Ups
  2. Weighted Decline Sit-Ups
  3. Kneeling Cable Crunches
  4. Kneeling Cable Crunches
  5. Weighted Hanging Leg Raises
  6. Weighted Hanging Leg Raises

Perform the dumbbell curls by alternating reps on each arm i.e. the first rep with one arm only, then switch to the other arm. Right, left, right, left, right, left….and so on until failure.

I find it best to keep my palms facing outward right from the bottom of the movement. Others advise holding the dumbbell in a hammer-curl style at the bottom and twisting around on the concentric part of the rep, this is called ‘supinating’. But I find that this doesn’t actually place enough stress on the bicep at the bottom and mid-range points of the lift.

I used to recommend the curl/EZ bar for bicep curls but changed this advice about a year ago. If we want to recruit as many of the bicep muscle fibers as possible, we need an exercise that works in harmony with the function of this muscle. In order to do this we need our wrist to be fully supinated i.e. your palms fully turned up. An EZ bar just can’t do this. Use a straight barbell.

Lastly, Incline Dumbbell Curls! Some people call them, ‘Decline Dumbbell Curls’. It doesn’t matter what you call them – Just
perform them correctly. A FULL range of motion is critical here. When your back is in an incline position and your arms are hanging straight by your sides, I find the stress on the bicep is greatly increased compared with a regular dumbbell curl.

Incline Dumbbell Curls were my movement of choice before finding the Cable Preacher Curl. Full muscle fiber recruitment, maximum overload, and an awesome bicep pump are what you can expect from this movement. If you can, switch your of Inclines to Cable Preachers.


Forearms get so much work during the week that they really don’t need too much direct stimulation. 2 or 3 sets of dumbbell or barbell wrist curls to failure are sufficient.


Abs are a muscle like any other in that they require weighted resistance in order to grow. Build your abs with your workouts and let diet and cardio take care of BLASTING the unwanted flab on top. (see Total Six Pack Abs). And don’t even think about going near a stability ball.

You cannot “spot reduce” the fat away with endless sit-ups. Nevertheless, sit-ups are a great exercise for building abdominal muscle.

It’s an unsexy exercise and therefore it’s not ‘in vogue’. However, when you place a plate or dumbbell on your chest and work to failure, it’s as good as any ab exercise out there. Lie declined on a sit-up bench if you need extra resistance.

Kneeling cable crunches are one of the best exercises for placing effective resistance on the abs when they are in their maximally contracted position. 2 sets of these.

Same goes for hanging leg raises, or captain’s chair leg raises as I prefer to do. When you are strong enough to do these with your legs bent for 12 reps or so, you can either perform them with your legs fully extended, or add weight. Recently I’ve found that I prefer to keep my legs bent and hold a dumbbell between my feet as my method of progression. Keeping my legs fully extended throughout the range of motion feels a little awkward to me.

For all abdominal exercises I recommend that you hold the movement at the top for a second. Just contract your abs and hold them for a second before the negative part of the repetition. Remember, building abs is not a race, take it slow! (2 seconds up, 1 second hold, and 2 seconds down).

Using this ab routine you’ll have your abs in no time. Seriously, building abdominal muscle is actually rather quick and easy. The hard part is shedding the fat on top while preserving all the rest of the muscle you’ve worked so hard to build.

Of course, Total Six Pack Abs students don’t have that worry, and many have continued to build muscle while TORCHING the unwanted blubber on top. It’s easy when you know how! 😉

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)