build-big-armsHere it is. My full killer arm workout!

This is how I’ve built a set of thick and muscular arms over the years. Now you can too.

All the variables for a superior workout are here:

  • The correct intensity
  • The correct volume
  • The very best and most effective exercises
  • The best rep range
  • The correct frequency
  • The correct balance between overtraining and undertraining

If you want impressive arms, do this!

Let’s start with how to train your biceps, triceps, and forearms on the 5-day split cycle of THT training.

A 5-Day Split Routine

Let’s start with the THT 5-day split plan. On this routine, we give each muscle one day of primary focus (although each muscle is also worked indirectly on the other days).

So let’s have a look at how you should train your arms on arm day.

You’ll do 8 sets for both triceps and biceps, then we finish off with a couple of sets for our forearms.

NOTE: Triceps are hit first because they make up 2/3rds of our arms, our biceps taking up the remaining 1/3rd. So we need most of our energy for those earlier sets.

Tricep Cable Pushdowns x 3 sets

Cable Bent-Over Tricep Extensions x 3 sets

Decline Tricep Extensions x 2 sets

Cable Preacher Curls x 3 sets

Seated Incline Dumbbell Curls x 3 sets

Concentration Curls x 2 sets

Barbell or Dumbbell Wrist Curls x 2 sets

You’ll take 2-3 minutes rest between sets working in an 8-12 rep range.

Please download the full workout below for all the other minor details, not the mention the full 5-day split for other body parts…

Regarding form, I want to stress as always:

(1) Perform each negative/lowering under full muscular control. Don’t drop the weight.

(2) Try to keep constant tension on the intended muscle throughout the whole set.

(3) Take each set to postive failure i.e. until you can’t lift the weight in good form anymore. The weight should be light enough to get at least 8 reps, but heavy enough so that you can’t get more than 12.


A 3-Day Full-Body Routine

Now let’s have a look at how to work the arms when using the full-body 3-day a week THT training cycle.

Your Monday & Friday sessions are identical. Your Wednesday workout is a little different. Let’s have a look…


Your Monday & Friday Workout

Squats x 2 sets (legs)

Decline Dumbbell Bench Presses x 2 sets (chest)

Calf Raises x 2 sets (calves)

Weighted Reverse Crunches x 2 sets (abs)

Overhead Barbell Press x 2 sets (shoulders)

Seated Incline Dumbbell Curls x 2 sets (biceps)

Seated Cable Rows x 2 sets (lats)

Tricep Cable Pushdowns x 2 sets (triceps)

Shrugs x 2 sets (traps)

Dumbbell Wrist Curls x 1 set (forearms)

So on Monday and Friday we hit our biceps with 2 sets of Seated Incline Dumbbell curls, and work our triceps with 2 sets of Tricep Cable Pushdowns. Let’s have a look at Wednesday…


Your Wednesday Workout

Deadlifts x 3 sets (back)

Deep Dips x 2 sets (chest)

One-Arm Dumbbell Rows x 2 sets (lats)

Overhead Dumbbell Presses x 2 sets (shoulders)

Concentration Curls x 2 sets (biceps)

Cable Bent-Over Tricep Extensions x 2 sets (triceps)

Leg Presses x 2 sets (legs)

Leg Extensions x 1 set (legs – quads)

Leg Curls x 1 set (legs – hamstrings)


On Wednesday it’s Concentration Curls and Bent-Over Tricep Extensions. 2 sets to failure.

Note: If you want or need to change any exercise, simply refer to the Exercise Bank pdf file that comes with the THT download for a suitable replacement. You can download it here:

By the way, even just 1 set to failure will stimulate growth (I give 5 studies in the free THT book to prove this). But 2 is better.

Since we’ll be training the same muscles again 48 hours later, you simply can’t start adding more sets. It will take longer than 48 hours to recover and grow from a higher volume of work. The result of such an unwise move would be overtraining and a lack of progress. You will literally get nowhere.

If this is news to you, please see my article where I counter CT Fletcher’s assertion that you can’t overtrain. It may just be one of the most valuable articles you ever read.



How does THT work?

The idea is to train for 10 weeks with the 3-day full-body routine, then take a week off from training (to allow for full systemic recovery). Or vice versa, it doesn’t really matter.

Then move on to the 5-day split routine for a further 10 weeks. Take a week off and go back to the full-body plan.

This goes on and on, back and forth between cycles. And you get stronger and bigger with each THT training cycle you complete.

It’s simple, and so damn effective. The gains people are achieving are phenomenal! And it’s no wonder, since THT is based on the real science of how muscle is actually built. Look at the testimonials from these guys for proof.

What about other exercises? That’s where the THT Exercise Bank comes in. As part of the free download, there is a file that tells you what exercises to use as substitutes.

Every 10 weeks, you can swap exercises. Pick an exercise you want to change, locate that exercise in the Exercise Bank, and any other movement inside the same box is a suitable replacement. So simple. With the variety of exercises included, even people with limited equipment can succeed with THT.

THT54So you really have everything you need to train and grow for the rest of your life! 100% free, no catches. This is not a “teaser” like other websites have you download. This really is the full THT program.

Download THT below. After inputting your email, you will be taken directly to the download page for instant access to the workout. You don’t need to log in to your email to confirm anything.

I need to make another point. This is a bulking training program and should be used in conjunction with an anabolic diet like my free MANS (carb-cycling) or GLAD (high-carb) diet. Please listen to this…you DO NOT train any differently when you are cutting. You still train THT-style, but couple it with a fat-torching nutritional program, which is what my Total Six Pack Abs program is designed for. Get more details on the programs overview page under section heading “I WANT TO BURN FAT, GET A SIX-PACK, BUT KEEP ALL MY MUSCLE”.


Now you know what to do – get training!

And Train With Intensity!


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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)