I’m introducing a new exercise to the THT family and have added it to the THT Exercise Bank.

It’s my new favorite exercise and has really introduced some soreness into a body part that for me hasn’t experienced DOMS in quite a while!

Cable Bent-Over Triceps Extensions

But, there is one condition…

only add this tricep exercise at the end of your workouts

Why? This is not a movement that you can typically handle a lot of weight with. But it does have an excellent range of motion and really stretches the triceps in a way that many other movements can’t replicate.

For this reason, think of this exercise as a FINISHER to your THT workouts. For example, if you are doing 3 sets of 2 different exercises as in THT Volume 2 routine:

 Lying Tricep Extensions (x 3 sets)

 Tricep Cable Pushdowns (x 3 sets)

You might consider adding another set or 2 of Cable Bent-Over Triceps Extensions to the end for a total of 7 to 8 sets.

You’ll lighten the load a little and work to positive failure as normal.

One caveat here, use the 8-12 rep range (or even 12-15 reps) no matter what THT cycle you’re on. So if you’re doing THT Volume 2 in the 6-8 rep range, still use the higher rep range for this particular exercise.

Now the tutorial…

Cable Bent-Over Triceps Extensions

You’ll note that my form is a little different from that typically recommended.

As with my lying tricep extension tutorial, I recommend a little rotation at the shoulder joint as well. Technically speaking, this turns the movement from an isolation exercise to a compound exercise.

A nice bonus is that doing it in this manner also works the rear delts to a degree. This will help add a little thickness there and have a positive knock-on effect on your shoulder workouts.

Check out the video below, my instructions follow…

Choose the attachment you work best with. I’m not making a hard and fast rule on this. I’ve tried both rope and v-bar attachments. I definitely work better with a v-bar (the same one I use for tricep pushdowns).

I feel the rope introduces a little bit too much instability into the movement for me. And if you’ve read my previous work, you’ll know that instability in an exercise reduces the amount of force you can generate. You therefore end up doing less reps and/or lifting lighter loads. Experiment with this and use whatever feels best and most comfortable to you.

 Grab the attachment from a high pulley

 Turn away from the pulley and hold attachment behind your head.

 Bend over and put one leg out in front of the other, this helps stabilize the body throughout the set.

  TIP! For futher stabilization assistance, note how my back leg is pressed firmly up against the bar of my smith machine. This is helping me not get dragged all over the place by the weight. Try to get something similar going at your gym. At the very least, ensure that your back foot is pressed firmly about something sturdy.

 Now fully extend the forearms out in front of you.

 Then allow the attachment to come back to the starting position under full muscular control. Don’t allow the cable to swing back on the negative, feel the weight all the way back.

 I recommend that you allow some rotation at the shoulder joint here to take advantage of a fuller range of motion and move more in harmony with how your body would naturally want to perform this movement (technically called biomechanically optimized form). You’ll feel a MUCH larger stretch in the triceps and be able to handle more load, which means a greater OVERLOAD on the triceps!

Start factoring this bad boy into your THT workouts straight away, guys!

And please give me your feedback on it.

I want to know:

  • How it felt on the triceps when actually performing the movement
  • Any additional soreness starting 24-48hrs afterwards
  • The impact on your rear delts during and after the exercise

Do it. Thicker triceps are there to be had!

Train With Intensity!


You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)