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On the go a lot? I was over the weekend and had my “portable protein” with me (gotta fuel that growth while resting from those THT workouts). Anyway, it gave me the idea to share with you guys all the best “on-the-go” protein snacks.

So don’t worry about not reaching your protein targets when out and about.

Here’s my top 10 protein sources that you can take anywhere…

(1) Boiled Eggs

Eggs are simply the best ‘real food’ source of protein for building muscle – according to its superior bio-availability score.

1 egg = 6g protein

(2) Beef Jerky


It’s tasty portable beef…what more do you want!? lol

1 x typical 70g bag = 26g protein

(3) Nuts


My fav are almonds and pistachios. They contain over 20g of protein per 100g

(4) Nut butters


Same as above. And who doesn’t like peanut butter? Almond nut butter is awesome. Hazelnut butter makes a great protein bar with chocolate whey. I could go on…

Typically over 20g protein per 100g

(5) Protein Bars


Just make sure the main protein source isn’t soy. By the way, you can tell the main protein source by looking at the ingredients list – ingredients are always listed in order of the highest amount first.

Typical 60g protein bar contains 20g protein

(6) Natural Yogurt

Fage or any Greek yogurt is always good. I like to add some sweetener if I have it.

Usually 9g protein per 100g. A 500g tub will give you 35g protein

(7) Quark


From my conversations, I think most Americans are simply unaware of quark. We need to fix that! I’ve been told it’s available at Whole Foods.

It’s a fat free, very low calorie, low carb, high protein soft cheese. It’s so soft it’s spreadable. It’s like a half-way deal between yogurt and cottage cheese.

1 x 250g tub contains 30g protein

(8) Cottage Cheese


As well as being useful for many anabolic bodybuilding recipes, it’s a great portable protein when taken alone.

Typical 300g tub gives 30g protein

(9) Tin of Tuna or Sardines


Not the tastiest option when taken alone. But it sure is handy. And it’s better than going hours without some protein. Just make sure you have some mint gum to chew after eating or people will be avoiding you lol

Typical tin (160g) gives 26g protein

(10) Egg Muffins


These are a great option when you know you’re going to be away from home. All you do is mix some eggs with whatever chopped veggies you like (or chicken pieces or ham or pretty much anything) and pour the mixture into a muffin tin and bake. Paleo guys tend to eat these as a portable protein.

Protein content will vary depending on how many you eat.  But get at least 20g protein per serving.

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That’s all my favourite sources!

Got any more? Tell me below. Or if you need help with your training or diet, ask me at the forum.

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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