vegetarian sources of proteinOne of my readers, Manoj, asked how he could follow a low-carb bodybuilding diet like MANS while being a vegetarian.

Manoj eats eggs so that’s a great protein source that should form a staple in a vegetarian, high-protein diet.

I hope you eat other diary products too as that will make life a lot easier. Cheeses, cream and butter will make life easier for you.


eggsBreakfast is definitely eggs – any way you wish:

* Scrambled
* Poached
* Boiled
* Fried
* As an omelette with some mushrooms & tomato

By the way, I’m not a vegetarian and I have eggs for breakfast 95% of the time.


tofuAs for substituting meat on your dinner plate try:

* tofu
* soy beans
* meat substitutes like
Morning Star Farms


A great snack idea is a whey protein shake made with cream and water. This ensures you get enough protein and fat, while keeping carb intake low.walnuts

almondsNuts should factor highly in your diet too. The 2 nuts I consume regularly are walnuts and almonds. These are a great source of protein and fat. They are also the lowest-carb nuts out there. Sometimes I take a handful of these nuts, crush them and pour over 100 ml of heavy cream. Then I mix in a spoonful of granulated splenda to sweeten – delicious!

Also, instead of meat snacks you can have nut-based ones instead. Try the Go-Lower bar for a low-carb, high protein snack.

Snacking on (unprocessed) cheese is a good choice too. I LOVE relaxing with some cheese cubes with a cup of creamy coffee 🙂
Another great product for you is natural nut butters. I recommendnatural nut butter

Not only are these good for filling a low carb wrap, but you can use them in conjunction with whey protein powder to make your own protein bars that you can prepare in advance and have on-the-go.

Any flour recipe can be made by replacing the flour with either Soy Protein Isolate, Almond Flour, or a combination of both. I love making protein pancakes from soy protein isolate, eggs and heavy cream – one of my favorite late-night snacks.

I hope this gives you some ideas Manoj. Also for you, and all other vegetarians, here are some books I found on the subject to help make your low-carb vegetarian life easier.

The Vegetarian Low-Carb Diet: The Fast, No-Hunger Weightloss Diet for Vegetarians

Carb Conscious Vegetarian: 150 Delicious Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle

Yummidy!: A low carb guide and meatless cook book

The Protein-Powered Vegetarian: From Meat to Vegetable Protein : A Cookbook With Spirit
Low Carb Vegetarian

You certainly can build muscle mass on a vegetarian diet. I hope some of these tips make meatless, bodybuilding easier and more delicious.

Do you know of any other vegetarian sources of protein? Please leave a comment below if you do to help others reading this article.

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)