Have you ever helped someone and felt really good about yourself?
I think we can all relate to that.

By running MuscleHack I get to experience this on an almost daily basis these days! It’s a phenomenal feeling.

I get emails and comments of thanks and appreciation as well as personal testimonials. It really is amazing to think that my work here is being implemented around the world and actually helping transform people’s lives.

I’ve also been pissed off with my body then watch it transform before my eyes, so I know just how awesome it feels 🙂 .

I wanted to share the following testimonial with you. It comes from Gabriel in Porto Alegre in Brazil. Gabriel actually sent me 2 updates i.e. in April he sent me some results after being on the MANS bodybuilding diet for 1 month. Just recently, he sent me another email after 4 months of implementing this nutritional strategy along with his workouts.

Check out his testimonial..

I’m one happy MuscleHack reader, I’m on MANS for four months now and I have HUGE (well, I think so) results to share with you…
First, the physical evaluation I made in March 2nd this year:

* Chest: 39″
* Right arm (relaxed): 12,6″
* Abdomen: 33″
* Waist: 32.1″
* Hip: 41.3″
* Total fat percentage:
* Total fat weight: 26.7 lb
* Total lean weight: 138 lb
* Total weight: 165 lb

I’ve sent you the results from the evaluation made in April 30 and the results were already good… But what happened in the evaluation I made July 11 was, in my opinion even better… and the results are here:

* Chest: 40.2″ (1.2 inch, ok, this one maybe should be better)
* Right arm (relaxed): 13.6″ (+1 inch)
* Abdomen: 31.9″ (-1.1″)
* Waist: 30.1 (-2 inches)
* Hip: 39.6″ (-1.7 inches)
* Total body fat percentage (using the same adipometer, with the same professional):
8.18% (Thats almost HALF I’ve had just a few months back!)
* Total
fat weight: 12.9 lb (-13.8 lb!!!)
* Total lean weight: 65.65kg / 144.43lbs (+6.43 lb!!!)
* Total weight: 71.500 kg / 157.3 lbs (-7.7 lbs)

I can tell that I lost exactly where I wanted to lose, and gained exactly where I wanted to gain… I’m VERY happy with this results, the difference in my body it’s very apparent. I can’t thank you long enough for showing me the MANS diet, it changed my life for sure…”

I’m very happy for Gabriel. I know when I started to really apply what I had learned on a consistent basis, I was astonished by what was happening to my body. Shedding almost 14 pounds of fat, as Gabriel has done, is enough to make you jump for joy.

Gabriel’s results are great, but if I had one criticism it would be that they could have been even better.

As the reader states himself, he could have gotten better muscle gains on his chest and I also don’t see measurements for legs. The total lean weight, in my opinion, could have increased by a few more pounds making it an even more incredible transformation!

Gabriel, you’ve done brilliantly – well done buddy! I’m glad I could help! 🙂

In other news, yet ANOTHER study shows a low-carb has a more beneficial effect on your lipid profile (cholesterol) than other diets as well as producing more weight loss.

This study was conducted over 2 years so all the “There’s no long-term study” people really need to start listening up. I don’t think the volunteers followed the diets perfectly as the weight-loss results were quite small but it’s another piece of evidence to add to the ever-growing list. (thanks for the heads up on this Homy 😉 )

So, Let’s transform our bodies and get healthy in the process!

Your Buddy!

Mark McManus

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)