I used to have really annoying pockets of fat under my belly button. This was my stubborn fat area. Most of us have at least one. Perhaps it’s your chest, thighs, lower abdomen (like me) or your butt. If you have one (or more), you need to read this!

Here’s what you need to know about stubborn fat that you have never been told yet…

Fat in this area is being released much slower than in other areas of your body.

Yes, your suspicions were correct. You weren’t imagining it. Fat in those trouble areas is harder to shift. So I’m here to help you burn off that blubber.

First, I have to explain why these areas exist at all.

Then I can explain how to get rid of it (like I did)




There are 2 receptors inside fat cells that control the rate or speed of fat loss.

  1. Alpha receptors – they slow the rate of fat loss
  2. Beta receptors – the increase the rate of fat loss

If we want to increase the activity of those beta receptors and decrease the activity of the alpha receptors, we need to be smart and pay attention to a few things. Namely:

  1. Insulin levels
  2. Thyroid function
  3. Estrogen levels






There are many reasons why high insulin levels are (really really) bad for fat loss. But insulin also increases the activity of alpha receptors in our fat cells, while inhibiting the expression of those beautiful beta receptors. Your stubborn fat areas just love insulin. Trust me.

Insulin is released in the body primarily in response to the carbohydrate in our diets. When cutting we obviously need to create a calorie-deficit and we do this by reducing carbs and fats – but mostly carbs (do not reduce protein intake).

So if you’ve never tried a lower-carb approach to getting shredded and have stubborn areas of fat that won’t shift, now you have the answer in your hand. This, and the following 2 points, are fully catered for in my fat-torching program Total Six Pack Abs – The Body Fat Furnace. It’s built into the system without you having to think about it. No wonder it’s so damn effective!




Anything that inhibits thyroid function will hurt our fat loss efforts. Thyroid activity will increase the expression of those beta receptors. So we want it to function optimally.

People mess this up by dropping calories way too low too fast (women especially starting a diet at 1000 cals – I’ve seen this so often). And by never having a period of increasing carbs and calories.

The answer then should be fairly obvious.

  • Calories must be tapered down over the weeks – knocking off around 100 Calories per week is a good rule of thumb
  • You must have a dedicated carb-up/calorie-up period – once a week works well

This will keep things firing on all cylinders and help burn off that stubborn fat.

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You guessed it, high estrogen levels will increase the activity of the alpha receptors. So stop using soy-based products as they increase estrogen levels. Read the contents of those protein bars you’re buying – they’re usually loaded with soy protein (or make your own Buff Bars here – they’re MUCH better). Just last week I wrote about in the ineffectiveness and even dangers of soy protein (including breast tissue growth!). Remember to keep training for muscle gains with free THT Training to optimize levels of testosterone and growth hormone.

It’s not necessary to completely remove soy from your diet, it’s ubiquitous these days anyway. Just make sure any protein products you buy are made mostly from whey, milk or egg proteins.

Ladies, this estrogen issue also explains why your stubborn fat is even more stubborn when it’s your time of the month. Yes, you weren’t imagining that. Just get through it and stay on track with your diet.



  • Shred fat by lowering calorie – and importantly – carbohydrate intake (full keto is not necessary, however)
  • Have a dedicated calorie and carb-up
  • Avoid soy (start reading labels)
  • Do this and all fat, including stubborn fat, will start to melt off.


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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)