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If you consider yourself as ‘the average guy with an average body’, this is the before/after testimonial for you! This guy went from “average” to a really impressive body and six-pack in weeks.

I loooove getting emails like this. New success stories that help fuel my motivation to more good work! (By the way, if you’ve succeeded on my Total Six Pack Abs fat-shredding system and want to contribute your testimonial, comment at the bottom of this post and I’ll tell you how to do that).

So this is from a fellow Irish man called Enda West. I always like to provide a social media profile link to help authenticate MuscleHack  testimonials. You can see Enda on Facebook here.

While it took Enda 12 weeks to reach his goal, it shouldn’t have even taken that long – you’ll soon see why (more pics below…)

Enda said,

“Hi Mark, I’ve been using your Total Six Pack Abs nutrition & training system for 12 weeks. I started at 18% body fat.

Great book, great advice and it all makes sense. I’ve also bought your Buff Baking Cookbook – another great tool for shredding fat and still enjoying treats.

It’s all thanks to your research. It could have taken a lot less than 12 weeks, but I work 12 hour shifts, nights and days, so had to work around that and there’s family life! I’m 31 and from County Monaghan, but I’m living in Fermanagh. Keep up the great work Mark.”

Here’s another before and after shot…

* By the way, please use a cheap pair of calipers to measure your body fat levels, not inaccurate electronic scales. Here are good calipers in the US. Good calipers in the UK here. (If you’ve got questions about getting ripped, ask me below and I’ll help you out)

Do you want these kind of results…regardless of age or gender?

It’s not a problem once you know what you’re doing. My Total Six Pack Abs program has everything dialed in correctly for optimal fat loss – the macros, calories, correct foods, the training (for the entire body)…absolutely everything. As well as pointers for staying motivated.

TSPAsmallForJnRpageFor less than a tub of protein, you can have my full cutting strategy and get the same results. I’m always surprised at how some people are willing to spend >$50 on a meal, or going out for drinks, or on some other fleeting pleasure, but won’t spend less to acquire a six-pack…and keep it for life! Priorities?

Even better, I’m so confident of the results that I offer a full 8-week money-back guarantee, so there is absolutely no financial risk on your part. You either succeed, or you get your money back with no questions asked.


Yes, your calories will need to come down to create that calorie-deficit. And carbs should be reduced to keep insulin levels lower and steady throughout the day – this allows your fat reserves to easily come out of your fat cells and be burned for energy.

But when you’re eating the right type of foods, you can really minimize hunger – which is awesome because the number one reason people quit is because of hunger and energy levels. This just doesn’t happen with the TSPA program.


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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)