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I was watching the local news last night (something I don’t often do). The last section asked people on the street if they had set New Year’s Resolutions and how they planned to stick to them.

Were people enthusiastic? No

Excited? No

Hopeful? No

In fact, the majority of people gave a “Let’s see how long it lasts” attitude with a little chuckle.

Damn! That’s just not good enough.

So this is it!

It’s now or never. No more procrastination, no more half-assed attitudes!

If you, like a lot of others, have set a goal or resolution for your body, this article will help.

I’ve put together 6 ways that, if implemented, will virtually guarantee you the body you always wanted.

(1) Decide! Your life is completely shaped by the decisions you make. The power of decision probably isn’t what you think it is. If you look up the origin of the word you’ll see the following:

1425–75; late ME decisioun < MF < L dēcīsiōn- (s. of dēcīsiō) lit., a cutting off

The word means that you CUT-OFF any other possibility from occuring. A single-mindedness or definiteness of purpose is what we’re talking about here.

So are you ready to DECIDE that 2010 WILL be the year where you get what you want?

Have you chosen who you’re going to be?

Have you decided what your body is going to look like?

Make your choice man. Once it’s chosen, it’s done. Lock it in and don’t budge until it’s objective reality.

Got it? Good, let’s move on…

(2) Tell others about your decision. Committing yourself is good. Telling others who will hold you to that commitment is even better!

Pick friends or family who will be supportive and have the courage to tell you if they see you slipping up. For example, if your spouse knows that you should be at the gym but you’re lying on the couch, he/she should be telling you to get your lazy ass out the door.

Knowing that other people are holding you to account will also force you to give 100% while in the gym. So when you’re tempted to quit a rep or 2 early, the thought of others saying, “Your body doesn’t seem to have changed much” will crank up your motivation sufficiently to make you do what’s required of you.

(3) Get a workout buddy or trainer. If you are someone who finds consistent motivation a problem, a trainer, or at least a workout buddy, will be invaluable to you. Having someone be a little in your face when you’re tempted to hold back will literally mean a difference of pounds of muscle in the coming year. Remember that the necessary stimulation for growth comes in those near-impossible last reps.

(4) Stop buying muscle magazines. They’re rubbish. What you’re really buying is a catalogue disguised as an informative magazine. That’s a fact; they are actually registered as catalogues! Did you know that?

If you’re pursuing the real science of productive bodybuilding, why buy something that holds contradictory theories and programs from one month to the next? Put the catalogues aside this year.

(5) Invest wisely. Every year you spend a certain amount of money towards reaching your goals. I recommend you spend what’s required. Sacrifice other things if that’s what’s needed. You can’t afford to be too stingy in this pursuit.

For example, I recently bought a new rack with all necessary cables I need to really experiment with a new training protocol at home. It cost me £500 or about $800 USD, but there’s just no way I could experiment properly in a crowded gym.

On the other hand, my supplement costs are quite small. I only use the following:

  1. Whey Protein Isolate
  2. Micronized Creatine Monohydrate
  3. L-Glutamine

Other people are using all kinds of expensive crap. Save yourself the money. Use what works; the results you get will largely come from intense training and diet.

You’ll be saving yourself plenty of money by not buying magazines and useless supplements. Use the extra on things that are sure to accelerate your results.

(6) Get a lifestyle overhaul. Successfully changing your body is not about mastering one small area. For example….

What if you’ve got your dietary protein intake sorted successfully but your workouts are only 80% of maximum intensity?

What if you’re only averaging 5 hours of sleep a night.

What of you’re constantly stressed out?

What if you rarely drink enough water?

And so on. You need to actually become a different type of person altogether, small changes are not enough. There’s an axiom that fits well here:

“You have to BE something before you can HAVE something”

What it means is that before you can have something, you first need to acquire the mindset of someone who already has it. If you regularly miss workouts, the person who never does this THINKS differently from you. If you mess up your diet, the person who doesn’t THINKS differently from you.

Start to acquire the mindset of success. Think success consistently and the action-steps will come automatically. Before you start debating whether or not to go to the gym, you’ll already be there.

So that’s it. Now’s the time, commit to it 100% NO MORE EXCUSES!

Anyway, it’s Monday, if you haven’t trained yet, GO!


You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)