I’ve written before on “Gains Killing” mistakes. But today I’m gonna emphasise 5 different mistakes that are SO COMMON that you are probably making at least 2 or 3 of them.

So this post is for YOU! I know the first one will shock you.



5 Mistakes Hurting Your Size Gains




Hey, I love coffee as much as you. But caffeine increases stress hormones in the body (that’s why it wakes you up in the morning!).

But these hormones, like cortisol, are catabolic. That’s not actually a bad thing when you’re about to train. Heck, your workout itself is a catabolic activity.

However, outside of that, you want to create an ANABOLIC environment inside the body, not a catabolic one.

Limit your caffeine dose to one per day to be as anabolic as possible (yeah it can be a big strong cup). Morning or pre-workout only.

Too much caffeine can hurt muscle gains. Click here to see why Share on X




Sufficient Calories are required to build muscle. Excess calories are not. Sufficient Calories will be around 200-300 above maintenance.

500 or more surplus Calories a day is just insane. Guys, there are only 600 Calories in 1lb of muscle. You really think all those extra calories you’re eating will go towards building muscle? Hmm, so you’re going to build to 6lbs of muscle per week!? 24lbs of muscle in a month? 72lbs of muscle in 3 months!? Chances are you won’t build that much muscle in your entire life. Supplement companies know this, but of course, they keep pushing weight gainers to unsuspecting lifters.

Don’t get fat eating too much food. Focus on sculpting lean muscle and looking damn good! Eat big to get big is industry bunk! I did a podcast on it here.

(And all that eating may cause you to develop insulin resistance. This will make cutting that excess fat back off even harder). If you need to get shredded, look no further than my Total Six Pack Abs plan.

NOTE: I have a free calculator that will automatically calculate your daily protein & calorie requirements. You can use it online or even download it, if you prefer. If you would like it, just type in your email below.

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I define “too low” as 5 reps or less per set.

You can get more in-depth knowledge on this issue in my article, Is Heavy Weight & Low Reps Best For Growth?

Here’s a summary:

(a) Actual hypertrophy/growth studies confirm that higher rep ranges (around 8-12 reps to failure) work best to promote size gains. This is around 60%-85% of your 1 Rep Max.

(b) Higher rep ranges can reduce Myostatin levels. Less Myostatin = More Muscle.

(c) Higher rep ranges increase “metabolic stress” levels. This correlates positively with hypertrohy/muscle growth. Low reps and not going to failure will not get the job done.

(d) Higher rep ranges activate “satellite cells”. These satellite cells give their nuclei to cells already in the muscle. The kind of metabolic stress produced by higher reps activates this process better.

(e) Higher rep ranges give you a pump. See here for how this helps with muscle growth.

Intelligent trainers, and those of use to do real research into studies, will usually recommend reps at a low of 6 and a high of 12 per set (with some exceptions).

These are the exact reps I recommend in my free THT training. Pretty cool 🙂

If you want your own copy of free THT Training, just pop in your email and click the button. Enjoy them gains! 🙂




Guys, more is NOT better when it comes to creatine. Quite the opposite.

Taking more than the recommended dose can cause creatine saturation outside the muscle cell, which prevents effective muscle uptake for weeks or maybe even months! Don’t do it. 🙁 (Guerrero-Ontivers, M.L. and Wallimann, T. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. 184: 427-437, 1998)

My Recommended UK/Europe Creatine | Recommended US Creatine

Want to know the truth about how to take creatine? Dosage? Loading and maintenance for the best gains? I’ll give you my guide. Input your details below, the info you require will appear immediately.


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Protein synthesis refers to the rate of muscle growth. But did you know that this can DOUBLE after training if you take a whey protein shake?

Yep. So don’t skip this. I recommend 50g whey powder (delivers ~40g actual protein) in your post-workout shake. I actually start sipping mine during my workout. Here’s why.

My recommended UK/Europe Protein | Recommended US Protein

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Ok. All good? Need any further help? Ask me below 🙂

Mark McManus

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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