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Targeted Hypertrophy Training (THT)


build muscle lose fat same time

Can you build muscle and lose fat at the same time? Bros say NO. Science says YES.

I’ve written on this topic many times before with proof. But here’s more proof…

Researchers at McMaster University took 40 males subjects and put them on a 4-wk diet and exercise program.

All 40 men ate 40% below maintenance calories to encourage fat loss. They also trained 6 days per week with weights and HIIT cardio .

So they all ate and trained the same, with one important difference:

  1. Group 1 ate less protein – 1.2g protein per kg body weight
  2. Group 2 ate more protein – 2.4g protein per kg body weight

By the way, that comes to 0.5g per pound for group 1 and 1g per pound body weight for group 2 – the standard protein recommendation for bodybuilders  – and the level I recommend too 🙂




Ready for this? It’s very very interesting

Both groups lost fat. But group 2 lost more – 10.5lbs fat loss, as compared to 8lbs for group 1. Impressive, but there’s more…

Group 2 l actually gained 2.5lbs of muscle at the same time as losing more fat (group 1 gained no muscle).




Losing MORE fact while building muscle at the same time is possible. And the critical key is optimal protein intake.


I’m achieving these results all the time with my ‘Get Me Shredded‘ coaching peeps! Guys and girls are torching off their fat and feeding muscle gains at the same time. It’s possible. It happens. But you need to know the optimal level of protein, carbs and fat for your body to experience fast fat loss while fueling growth.

Diane Owen recently lost 12lbs in her first 2 weeks and and go here to look at Ric G’s results – notice how much fat he lost and the obvious gains he made simultaneously! Want me to do the same for you? Opt for my Get Me Shredded plan on my Coaching page here.


So there’s 2 important points:

  1. Actually measure your protein intake – stop winging it. Get a nice set of kitchen scales and get accurate
  2. Make sure all or almost all your protein comes from the best sources…read on


If you’re getting your protein from inferior plant sources, or even if you’re relying a lot on peanut butter, beans and so on – you may lose muscle because these proteins have a low biological value – this means your body can’t use all the protein. So you may THINK you’re getting your daily protein, but you’re really not (getting enough protein is easy;) see my Buff Baking recipes for more).


I have a list of all proteins with their biological value scores – eat from the top 5 and you can fuel gains while torching fat at the same time!

Yes, there are 5 definite BEST sources of protein for building muscle. If you want the list, enter your email below. You don’t have to go to your email to click a confirm link; the info you need will appear immediately after you click the button. Enjoy! 🙂




Yes, it’s possible. No, you can’t be in a deficit for months on end and keep gaining. However, weeks of a calorie deficit will NOT prevent you from building muscle at the same time. Train hard and get enough protein from the best sources and you can achieve the holy grail!

See here for Bob Bixby’s astounding results on his first 8 weeks on my Advanced THT training programup 5lbs lean muscle while shredding 10lbs fat at the same time. And he provides proof of his DXA body scan from BodySpec in California  – so you can see his recomposition figures for yourself.

P.S. I know that putting together a diet for mass gains or getting shredded abs can be a pain in the butt, especially if you are new to this – that’s why I offer a service where I will do all the tough ground work for you.
You probably don’t know how many calories you need, or how many grams of protein, carbs or fat you need (based on your personal stats)…BUT I DO. Then I can take these numbers and create an exact meal plan for you to hit those numbers spot on! You’ll know what foods to eat and even when to eat them. All you have to do…is do it. No thinking involved. If you’d like me to take care of this for you, see the Get Me Shredded option on my Coaching Page here.

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)