The scales are NOT the way to track muscle growth!

Faaarrrrrr too many aspiring bodybuilders hop on the scales once a week (if not more!) desperately hoping to see a weight increase, thinking this is a good indicator of muscle growth.

This is a mistake. I know because it’s one that I used to make, REPEATEDLY!

You probably all know my story…

  • Skinny guy turns skinny-fat (big gut)
  • Skinny-fat guy wants to lose the gut and ends up very skinny again through low calorie dieting and insane cardio
  • Repeat this cycle over and over for a few years….and then….
  • Skinny-fat guy finally learns how to build muscle WITHOUT accumulating fat AND how to blast fat WITHOUT losing muscle – at last!

Folks, it was jumping on those scales every week that largely contributed to developing a big gut. Let me explain…

See, as a skinny bloke I REALLY wanted to build muscle fast. I believed all those ‘I-just-regurgitate-everything-I’ve-been-told’ gym rats that told me, “You have to eat like crazy to build muscle!”.

Of course, I know now that you only have to eat SUFFICIENT calories in order to build the maximum amount of muscle possible for you. But, I was dumb back then…

I ate a LOT and lifted hard. I wanted to see about a 2lb increase on the scales every week – as if I was going to build 104lbs of lean muscle in a year! :0

So, I ate until I saw this type of increase. If I only gained 1 pound a week, I wasn’t happy.

The vast majority of this weight gain was fat. As I got fatter, I looked at my belly in disbelief! “How can this happen when I’m lifting so hard and often?” I thought.

The point is this…

How much do you think the scales are going to budge, even if you have a great week as far as workouts are concerned?

Imagine you woke up tomorrow morning with 1/4 inch added to both your arms. That’s a lot for one day! However, your scale weight would have increased by mere ounces, not pounds. It’s unbelievable to think that many natural bodybuilders would be UNhappy about this weight increase!

This is THE cause of the never-ending ‘bulking’ and ‘cutting’ cycles that people go through. ‘Bulking’ is meant to mean a phase of muscle gain; unfortunately for many people it’s simply about getting fatter! Then they’ve a LONG way to go when they want to get lean in the summer.

Stop this nonsense once and for all!

SUFFICIENT calories are needed to build muscle, not EXCESS calories. Work out how many you need and add muscle, NOT fat.

Yes I know you’re not a saint; you’ll endulge in at least some unhealthy food throughout the year. It will slowly accumulate and you’ll have a little bit of cutting to do before summertime. However, cutting from 13% body fat is a WORLD AWAY from cutting from 23%!

After all, imagine a ¼ pound beef pattie in your hand. Now imagine this spread out over your body as new muscle tissue. Now realize that accumulating this small amount of muscle EVERY week without cessation will result in a RADICAL change in your appearance.

Get 52 x 1/4 pound beef patties and throw them on top of your kichen table, now imagine this MOUNTAIN of beef glued onto your body as lean muscle tissue, no fat. Pretty MASSIVE change don’t you think?

Small increases in LEAN weight is what you should be pursuing. Before long these small, incremental changes will add up to a COMPLETELY transformed physique.

When bulking I recommend you take tape measurements of certain body parts along with a body fat reading every week or so. Take weight readings bi-weekly at most.

Patience my friend. Keep progressing, eat SUFFICIENTLY and you’ll reach your goal!

Train & Eat Intelligently!


You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)