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I’ve created a low-glycemic load protein bar without compromising on taste. Here’s the nutritional breakdown before we get into the instructions:

  • Glycemic Load = 5
  • 308 Calories
  • 37g carbs
  • 32g protein
  • 3.5 fat

I’ve already created 2 types of homemade protein bars for you guys to enjoy:

I wanted to create one that would fulfill my GLAD muscle-fueling diet criteria:

  • It should be rich in high-quality protein
  • All carbs should be low-glycemic and total GL for the bar should be low
  • There should be some essential fatty acids in there

This bar fits the bill and tastes better than any other I’ve tried.

Check out the video I made showing how to make it. And please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more. Thanks!


TheCover164TopPostsBefore we get into the instructions, make sure that if you want to make serious muscle gains, you have downloaded my free THT training package right now. THT is life-changing!


Here’s the ingredients:

The total Glycemic Load for this bar is just agave nectar

Blue Agave Nectar is your choice of syrup here owing to it’s low glycemic load i.e. GL 2 for a 20g/1 tablespoon serving.

Making it is simple:

  • Mix all your dry ingredients thoroughly in a bowl i.e. protein, oats, and flax seed
  • Now add your nectar, but don’t mix in yet
  • Now mix it all together. Get your hands in there and really mix it well
  • Spoon it out of the bowl and shape it into a bar. Let it set for a while in the fridge or chew it down straight away (it will be very gooey if you don’t let it set).

If you want to go completely natural make sure you use a protein powder without any artificial sweeteners.

Take Care,


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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)