I recently broke my caffeine habit after I realized I was guzzling down more coffee than any sane man should.

This crept up on me slowly. I used to take 1 cup in the morning only. Then I had 1 when I arrived at work too (about 7.15am), then I added another at break time @ 10am. Then I started having another with lunch around 1.30. I eat my main meal about 4.30pm, so I thought I’d have another wee cup after that too.

Sometimes I’d have one between 2 and 3 pm as a little afternoon ritual. So I was basically having 5 – 6 cups of coffee per day at about 100mg of caffeine per cup.

This amount of caffeine will disrupt your sleep patterns as well as give you headaches when you come off it e.g. at the weekends, when I’m off work, I was waking up with a headache that wouldn’t go away until I had some caffeine. Talk about withdrawal symptoms!
Time for action!

Forum members will be aware that I placed myself on a 7 day caffeine ban and tracked my results for all to see.

It wasn’t easy and there were many headaches but afterwards I felt better and more clear-headed than before.

There has been an unexpected benefit to this though.
As my body is no longer de-sensitized to caffeine, a cup pre-workout works wonders. If you’re not a regular coffee drinker, a little caffeine buzz before your training session can really boost your focus, motivation and results!

After I noticed this I purchased caffeine tabs online. They’re very cheap and get the job done quickly and conveniently. I got Prolab Caffeine, each pill contains 200mg of caffeine so I just bite 1 in half for 100mg about 20-30 minutes before I workout and blam! Of all the pre-workout energy products on the market, I’m not sure any can beat some simple, cheap caffeine.

At £8 for 100 tabs it’s beyond cheap. 100 tabs = 200 workouts. I train 4 times a week so 200/4 = 50 weeks. So £8 will give me energized workouts for a whole year! 😀 Actually more when you factor in my weeks off at the end of every THT cycle.

Like everything else, it’s much cheaper in the US too. $4.01 will get you 100 tablets, which is equivalent to about £2.50!! I swear I’m moving to America one of these days!

It’s something you should consider especially if:

  • You don’t currently consume a lot of caffeine
  • Your workout intensity hasn’t been up to par lately

To great workouts!

Mark McManus

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)