PARTIAL-RANGE-CHEST-FLYSLet me be upfront and get the controversy out of the way early…

Partial Chest Flys are a much more effective exercise than Full Range Chest Flys.

Why do I say that?



After a few inches from the bottom of each rep, there is very little resistance placed on the pecs at all. The angle of the load means that the pecs are not forced to work beyond the bottom few inches.

This means you lose “constant tension” on the intended muscle.

It also means you lose muscle fiber recruitment for MOST of the rep.

See my article ‘Feel the Muscle, Not the Weight‘ for more on this.

The Pec Deck actually overcomes this issue of decreasing resistance (because the angle of the load is correct and the pecs are therefore forced to do the work throughout the full range of motion).

However, flys are still a great exercise if used intelligently. Here’s how to do them properly…

Note: One word to keep in your mind when doing this movement…DEEP!

Deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep… it doesn’t work if you don’t go deep!

How deep? As deep as you can go. You’ll feel a crazy stretch across the pectorals when you are doing it right.

I’m going as deep as I can possibly go in the video; you’ll note my rib-cage naturally expanding at the bottom of each rep.


The 2nd most important point I need to emphasize is this: Keep the angle at the elbow constant.

You see a lot of guys decreasing the angle at the elbow when doing the positive/lifting part of the rep (i.e. bringing the dumbbells in closer to their body).

This is mostly unconscious. Their body is attempting to make the movement easier by taking some stress off the chest and transferring it to the arms. You have to consciously be aware of this and focus on keeping the angle constant so that the pecs are really doing the work.

An angle of a little over 90 degrees works best here.

And needless to say, don’t drop the weight. Feel the negative. Lower the weight under full muscular control if you really want to grow.


Chest-Blast-CoverThose guys who have experienced the power of my new Chest Blast Workout for quick gains in chest size (up to 3 inches in over a week), know all about partial chest flys. Though they only form a small part of this “hyper-intense” routine. There are strategies in there that you’ve never tried or even heard of before.

So that’s Partial Dumbbell Flys. Remember…


If you have any questions, just ask below. I’m always happy to help 😀

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)