Ready for serious leg growth? And I mean leg gains like never before? Alrighty!

Below is a list of results from the Leg Blast experiment I ran at the beginning of January 2016. See my original post from December 2015 where I put the call out for “lab rats” to test the workout.

Using same kind of “hyper-intense” and advanced techniques that saw volunteers gain 1-3 inches on their chest and arms in previous “blasts”, I put together a routine in the hope that I could replicate these kind of results in the upper legs and butt.

These techniques are new, different, and take intensity levels up over 100% (yes it’s possible).

So here’s the deal…

3 workouts over 1 week | 90 minutes per session | Advanced techniques | Hyper-Intensity = Unprecedented Leg Gains

Yes you read that right. Each session is about 1.5hrs long – that’s purely leg training, no other body parts are worked (you’ll still train the rest of your body during this week). And that’s 90 minutes of new and advanced techniques – it’s brutal!


(The program will be available to the public in just 7 days – Wednesday 17th February 2016!)


ATTENTION GIRLS: This will do WONDERS for your glutes – I mean your butt. It will lift, tighten, and shape it like nothing else out there. So if you want that “she squats” booty, this is what you’ve been waiting for.


The largest increase recorded was 3 inches, and even guys that usually have a very hard time building any leg muscle whatsoever gained size in just over a week.

NOTE: Some people only completed 2 workouts due to the DOMS/soreness they were experiencing. Even so, they gained big time. Heck, as you’re about to see, even volunteers that were cutting and in a caloric deficit gained big!

I asked guys for for social media profiles and pics. This always helps make the testimonials more real and authentic. But I can’t force people to send this info. So where possible I have given a social media profile and pics. You might also want to see the original post where I put the call out for volunteers; there you’ll see these same people asking to be a part of the experiment in the comments section.

So, without further ado, here are the results…



David Morales is a 33yr old male from Miami, Florida. His facebook profile is here and he submitted before and after pics. He gained just under 1 inch.


Hey Mark, How are you doing? First of all I have to say thank you very much for picking me for the Leg Blast Workout. I always follow your free THT workout routines. Thank you very much for that also.

So here is my feedback:

  • Before leg measurement = 19.1 inches
  • After my first workout my leg measurements were = 19.6 inches
  • And my final leg measurement were = 20 inches

This workout is really hard but it worked perfectly. It takes a little long time (about 1hr 20 mins) but the important part is that the results are great!!!!!


Angel Ayon is a 17.5 yr old male with 2 years of lifting experience. He gained 2 inches.

  • Day 0, Before Legs Blast: 21 inch legs
  • Day 2: 2 Days After First Workout: 21.5-21.6
  • Day 4, Before 2nd Workout: 21.75
  • Day 6, 2 Days After 2nd Workout: 22
  • Day 7: 23 inches

Growth in 1 Week: About 2 inches

“I began the week with 21 inch legs. Not the most amazing legs out there. That’s why I had to try this new blast for legs. The workout was hard, of course. I took about 90 minutes doing the first workout and right after my legs were fatigued. The next day, I had school and I was extremely sore and tried my hardest to walk as normal as possible without trying to attract any attention.

But it was worth it because once this week ended (and 2 more leg blast workouts), I gained 2 freakin’ inches on my legs! I was speechless on how much I gained in 7 days.

Before the blast, I could not put mass on my legs, but that changed. I now notice fuller legs and more cuts on my quads and it’s awesome. Thanks Mark for letting me in on the workout! Such a great way for me to start the year. #Gains”


Conrad Nash is 38 from Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, UK. This is his facebook profile. He gained 4cms or 1.5 inches.


Hey Mark,

Thanks for this opportunity. I did the workout twice and my legs went from 61cm to 65cm on the upper thigh, so a growth of about an inch and a half all over. My leg press has gone from 175kg to 192.5kg.

I enjoyed the workout, it was tough but enjoyable. It was quite long (1:20 or so) so I did it on a Sunday and then on a day I could get into the gym early. Thanks


Jim Hill is 33 years old from Wagga Wagga, NSW Australia. His facebook profile is here. He gained 1.5 inches.


Hi Mark,

Before – Left : 21 inches Right: 21 inches

After – Left: 22.5 inches Right: 22.5 inches

Growth peaked for me on the 6th day.

Being a keen follower of THT for a fair few years and also conducting the Arm Blast program I was super excited to get in the gym and try the Leg Blast out. I felt the workout was exactly what I needed to start off a massive change in my legs. I conducted two workouts in the week, but will definitely give three a go next time.

[mentions advanced technique] – Absolutely love this technique and have been a big fan since the arm blast. The burn was intense as usual and had to dig deep to really push through.

[mentions advanced technique] – This was different and took a while to get used to the concept. Once there and getting the weight correct though WOW! This hurt and once again I think you have introduced me to a new technique that I will definitely be using from now on!

Overall I absolutely loved this workout and would highly recommend it to anybody looking for size on the legs. It was intense but the results show that it worked as planned and after my next cycle of THT will be looking forward to trying 3 sessions in one week!

I had a fair few comments from other guys in the gym asking what I was doing and asking where they could get the program. I showed them the app on the store and pointed them towards your website.


Rhonda Pletka is a 45yr old female from Orlando, Florida. She gained 1.25 inch

Hey Mark,

You picked my wife Rhonda as a guinea pig for the leg blast. Here are her results:

  • Before Measurements: 19”
  • 1 Day after: 19 1/2
  • 1 Week after: 20 1/4

The workout takes almost 90 minutes. A lot of weight changes and resting. Overall it was a very tough and demanding leg blast. It certainly lived up to its name and the results speak for themselves.

We are going to incorporate it, or at least a slightly modified version, into our THT 3-day routine once a month for two days.

Nice job Mark. I think you have a winner.

Joey & Rhonda Pletka


Dr. Jordan Appel is a 46 yr old male from Toronto, Canada. He gained 1.75 inches.

Hey Mark,

Leg Measurements:

Jan 3, 2016 22” before the start of Leg Blast Program
Jan 8, 2016 23” After 3rd and final Leg Blast workout

  • Jan 9, 2016 23”
  • Jan 10,2016 23”
  • Jan 11,2016 23 1/4”
  • Jan 12,2016 23 1/4”
  • Jan 13,2016 23 1/2”
  • Jan 14,2016 23 1/2”
  • Jan 15,2016 23 3/4”
  • Jan 16,2016 23 3/4”

On average the workout took me about 2 hours to complete.

I have followed Mark’s THT training exclusively with great results. I was asked by Mark to be a guinea pig for Leg Blast. I couldn’t have been happier. As an endurance athlete, I’ve developed lean (skinny!!!) leg muscles. Out of all the muscle groupings, I have struggled to make gains with my leg muscles with resistance training. With the Leg Blast, I increased my thigh circumference by 1 3/4″. Thanks Mark for having a program that could do this. I am not going to say it was easy but I am looking forward to trying it again in 10 weeks.

Dr. Jordan Appel


Matthew Le is 21yrs old and studies at the University of Toronto. He gained 1.5 inches

Hey Mark,

I did the first workout on a Monday and the second workout on a Friday. The reason I waited until Friday to do the second workout was because of the insane amount of soreness I experienced after completing the workout the first time. Let it be known that I consistently work out my legs (pretty intensely too) and I usually don’t get sore; thus, I was pretty surprised at how sore I was from Tuesday until Thursday.

My legs felt like jello after each workout and I certainly don’t recommend climbing stairs within 72 hours of the workout – either you’ll fall flat on your a** or you’ll be in a lot of pain. In terms of the results, they were great! The measurements were as follows:

  • Pre-workout measurements: L – 22 inches; R – 21.5 inches
  • Saturday (one day after second workout): L – 22.75 inches; R – 22 inches
  • Sunday: L – 22.9 inches; R – 22.25 inches
  • Monday: L – 23 inches; R – 22.45 inches
  • Tuesday: L – 23.25 inches; R – 22.75
  • Wednesday: L – 23.5 inches; R – 22.9 inches
  • Thursday: L – 23.6 inches; R – 23 inches
  • Friday: L – 23.6 inches; R – 23 inches

All in all, I gained just over 1.5 inches on my left leg and exactly 1.5 inches on my right leg.

Thanks a lot for choosing me! I just also want to take a moment and thank you for all of the information that you’ve posted on your website. I’m currently a 21 year old student at the University of Toronto and I’ve been following your website ever since I was 15 or so. Using the three day THT workout and your home-made pre-workout, I’ve made tremendous progress since I began working out and I truthfully only have you thank. Your arms and chest blast workouts were fantastic and absolutely love how you back every single one of your articles with scientific articles. I am very glad I came across your website six years ago and I hope you continue with the fantastic work! Know that I will always be a fan.




Ralph Sardinha is 40yrs old from Goa, India. His facebook is here. His Instagram: @ralphsardinha. He reported the largest increase in leg size at 3 inches.


Hi Mark,
First and foremost thanks a lot for choosing me to be a part of the Leg Blast Experiment. Expected to be in pain so was not surprised when it hit me. If anyone wants super growth they need to do this. The approximate time for the workouts was 1 hour 45 minutes. My diet was only 1600 calorie diet. Supplementation: Whey, Creatine, Glutamine and BCAA. These are my measurements.

Before Measurement: L 23.5 inches R 23.7 inches

11th January 2016 – L 24 inches R 25 inches
12th January 2016 – L 24.8 inches R 25.2 inches
13th January 2016 – L 25.5 inches R 25.5 inches
14th January 2016 – L 25.5 inches R 26 inches
15th January 2016 – L 26 inches R 26.5 inches
16th January 2016 – L 26.2 inches R 26.5 inches
17th January 2016 – L 26.5 inches R 26.5 inches

Thanks once again,



Richard Freeman is 42 yrs old from Bristol, UK. This is his facebook profile. He gained 2 inches.

Hi Mark.

Before (inches) Left: 22.5 inches | Right: 23 inches

I did three leg blast workouts on day 2, day 6, and day 9.

Growth peaked about 3 days after the last workout (so 9 days after beginning the blast).

So gained 2 inches on both legs!!

Great workout. Moments of agony throughout. The arm and chest blast both targeting much smaller muscle groups, so this was a great chance to blast into some big powerhouses. Fight fire with fire.

My vastus medialis that has a noticeable new bulge over the last week. Legs all-round solid and fuller than ever before.

Thanks for sharing,



Savian Morris is a 25yr old man from Louisiana. He gained 1/4 inch (was on a low-calorie diet).


Leg Measurements

  • Day 1: 26 inches
  • Day 2: 26 inches
  • Day 3: 26.1 inches
  • Last day: 26.25 inches
  • Total growth =.25 inches

The workout was pretty good, took me about an hour to and hour and a half to finish. I love the way the workout was set up, I could barely walk after I finished. I definitely see the difference in definition. The reason my growth may not be more than .25 inches is the result of me losing weight and cutting calories.

I will definitely do this leg workout on my leg day again!!

GAIN – 0.75 INCH

Sean Brown is 40 from Corinth, Texas. This is his facebook profile. He gained 3/4 inch (while cutting!)


This was one of the most grueling workouts I think I have ever completed. Started off with my thighs measuring 22.75 inches.

I was on the Total Six Pack Abs fat-loss plan, so I did this Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Measurements went like this:

  • Sunday morning: 22.75 inches
  • Tuesday morning: 23 inches even
  • Thursday morning: 23.50 inches

Very happy and satisfied with this plan.


TJ Fedirko is 19 years old from Germansville, PA. This is his facebook profile. He completed just 2 workouts and gained 1 inch.


So my initial thoughts about this workout was to never climb any stairs for at least 2 days! Though it was a great feeling to be that sore! So the results from the experiment are impressive to me! The measurements from it are as follows:

Pre-Blast: Monday: R leg: 21 inches | L leg: 21 inches

  • Tuesday: (After first day of workout) R leg: 21.25 inches | L leg: 21.25 inches
  • Wednesday: R leg: 21.50 inches | L leg: 21.50 inches
  • Thursday: R leg: 21.65 inches | L leg: 21.65 inches
  • Friday: ( Second workout session) R leg: 21.75 inches | L leg: 21.75 inches
  • Saturday: R leg: 21.90 inches | L leg: 21.90 inches
  • Sunday: R leg: 22 inches | L leg: 22 inches

So in just two workouts I gained an inch on each leg. I can’t wait to try this again in a few weeks haha and see if I can do it three times a week and see if the results top that! Such a great learning experience. Thank you for letting me be part of this! Happy Training!


Tudor Pangal is a 45yr old man from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. This is his facebook profile. He gained almost 2.8cm (1.1 inches) with only 2 sessions.


Hello Mark,

Thanks for the opportunity to try this program.

I’ve worked out twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday. I couldn’t do 3 workouts a week because I was very sore after each workout. My hamstrings were the worst – I could barely sit without whining like a little girl.

  • Before the workout my right thigh was 56.5cm.
  • On January 2 after the last workout it was 58.5 cm.
  • On January 6 it went up to 59.3cm.

My strength increased quite a bit. I also increased the load on all the other exercises. Basically I can increase it from one workout to the next.

My knees are less than great. They started hurting in the second half of 2014, and that pain never really went away 100%.

Here comes the best part of your program. For the first time in over one year, two days after the second workout, I was 100% pain free.

This is the first time I’ve experienced such marked improvement as far as my knee pain goes. In fact, even the strength progress is higher than anything I experienced before.

Although the workout is long, I never felt so safe during a leg workout. I’ve gone through volume workouts that had a crap tonne of reps, especially lunges. Again, I’m more than grateful for having had the chance to do this workout.

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So…are you ready for this?

THE LEG BLAST will be available in just 7 days – Wednesday 17th February 2016! I’ve put a countdown timer on this site to remind you. Also, I’ll notify everyone via social media and email when it’s ready. Make sure you add me on social media here…

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NOTE: There were 30 “lab rats”. 21 completed the blast and every single person gained. There were 9 drop-outs (illness, injury, vacation, or just didn’t respond to me). Other feedback had no pics, no social media and/or were basically saying the same thing as all of the above. But everyone gained; the smallest increase reported was 1cm.


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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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