If you’re serious about getting a six-pack once and for all, stop putting it off and get going today!

Total Six Pack Abs is what you need for 2 reasons:

The fastest fat loss
Protection of hard-won muscle tissue

And like I say on the TSPA sales page, your age doesn’t matter. Here’s the latest feedback I received from 45 year old Steve Carlton.

“Mark, Here are some pics, and this is my story…

“I’ve worked on a tugboat for the past 10 years, and in Alaska fishing prior to that for 12 years. A few years back I nearly lost my life in a accident at work. In short, I fell off the forward end of a 300 ft. barge while it was moving ahead, trapping me underneath until the tug and barge passed over me. I was fortunate to avoid the propellers of the tug, and able to find the surface. I owe my life to many factors, especially the response of my co-workers in the darkness of a December morning in San Francisco bay.

“When I fell, I injured my shoulder. Surgery took 20% of a labrum biceps tendon that was unrepairable. I also had a bursectomy, and lost approx. 6 millimeters of bone, shaved off in response to the missing bursa. The accident, and surgery was motivation to to start taking my health more seriously.

“A co-worker had lost some weight doing P-90X. I bought the program and after 3 rounds managed to get from 240 pounds and 29% body fat down to around 190 pounds and approx 17% body fat. I was glad to have lost some weight and improve my health, but honestly I was disappointed that I couldn’t get the “ripped” results the program advertised.

“Wanting to take my fitness to the next level I searched the internet for answers. I have to admit, I came across MuscleHack early in my search, but simply could not believe the results I was seeing from this program called “Total Six Pack Abs“. These people were achieving impressive results in a time frame that just seemed to be unrealistic.

“After a few months of educating myself in diet manipulation, I found myself back at your website, finding common ground in what I had learned and what you were offering readers in your posts. I started TSPA in February of this year (2011) and promised myself a total commitment to the program. Even in the early stages of my TSPA journey I was skeptical, wondering how I was going to get ripped without the ass-busting marathon workouts that I performed with P-90X, compared to the short, intense training of TSPA.

“Weeks were passing with a steady progression in fat loss, and my midsection was starting to make an appearance, even though I wasn’t doing ANY cardio!! How could this be?

“Even in my youth I never had abs, but now at 45 they were starting to show. The big motivator at this point was that my strength and musculature was improving. Fat loss and muscle growth? Finally I was training with intelligence and using science instead of the misguided diet and training advice I often took from muscle magazines and websites.

“When I started TSPA I was 210 pounds (surprise, I gained weight after the catabolic exposure to P-90X) and around 20-22% Body fat. It did take me almost 5 months to achieve my results, however, I only did 6 total sessions of cardio (cardio sucks) and had a lengthy break during the program ( two weeks in Hawaii was a huge diet challenge).

“My ” after” pics are of me weighing in at 181 pounds, and a body fat caliper reading of 8.5% I supplemented with Isopure protein powder (UK), Creatine monohydrate (UK), Glutamine (UK), a good multi-vitamin, and fish oil (UK), as per your suggestions. I used a green tea extract, and made my own No- Explode pre workout cocktail from your recipe. Also, in the latter stages of the program I used MCT oil.

“For the potential followers of TSPA who may be reading this: Put some faith in what Mark has researched, and developed. Don’t modify things or try to ” re-invent the wheel”. Learn from others who have gone before you and done it!

“I see that your contact page says that you are no longer able to respond to questions because of the volume of emails you get from “hackers”. I feel somewhat responsible for that because I did email you on 3 different occasions with questions about my TSPA journey. You did answer all 3 of my questions with a personal response and for that I thank you .

“Last week I started THT, and MANS. I can’t wait to see where these programs take me…….I look forward to all your posts!!

“Again, thank- you!!

“Steve Carleton”

As usual I asked Steve for a Facebook profile link to help authenticate his testimonial. He said the following…

“My full name is Steven James Carleton, I’m 45 years old, born February 20th 1966. I’m Married to my wife Stacey, who has been an unbelievable supporter in my journey. We have two kids, our son Dorian (10) and daughter Darbey (7). We live in Oroville, Washington, a small town next to the Canadian border in the Okanogan County. I”ve worked for Olympic tug and barge for 10 years. My company’s website is harleymarine.com. Mark I’m sorry, I don’t facebook, or twitter……it’s just not my thing.

“Other than that Mark, all I can offer you is that my testimonial is 100% authentic. No HGH or synthetics, Just complete focus on diet and training.”


It’s time to stop putting it off. Get the book and get RIPPED!

Take a leaf out of Steve’s book and do the program to a T. No tweaking, no messing about. Fast results don’t have to be wished for with TSPA, you can EXPECT SUCCESS!

Stay Motivated!


P.S. Ray just posted 3 healthy versions of snacks you usually can’t have at MuscleHacker.com: Peanut Butter Ice Cream, Dark Chocolate Mousse, and “Protein Balls”.

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)