A new year is just around the corner and a fantastic opportunity awaits you!

I’m not into New Year’s Resolutions so much as New LIFE Resolutions.

Think about it for just a second. There is absolutely no rule that says you must be the same type of person from one moment to the next, NONE!

So why go year after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year (you get the point) putting up with something you don’t like?!

You can take ANY character trait you wish and build it into your own consciousness until it sticks.

  • You DON’T have to be unconfident
  • You DON’T have to be sad
  • You DON’T have to feel lethargic
  • You DON’T have to settle for anything that doesn’t make your heart sing!

I’m constantly amazed how people will not take 15 minutes to undertake a simple process such as setting New Year’s Resolutions; something that has the power to change their life, but will happily squander it watching a pointless soap opera on TV. THIS IS YOUR LIFE, and there is nothing more important than that!

I urge you to take this opportunity over the next few days to plan out a life that would make you truly happy. This post will lay out some pointers to guide you through this process.

Step 1

Decide what you would like to be, do or have. You should never base your desires on what you think others would want for you, or what you think might impress others.

If traveling is your thing – good

If business is your thing – good

If family is your thing – good

If weightlifting is your thing – good

If naked skydiving is your thing – good

You are an individual – completely unique. There never was, nor ever will be another you. Your desires will likewise be unique also. Don’t conform for the sake of it; YOUR heart’s desire is what really matters here.

Fail to get this step right and the rest falls to pieces. If you aren’t pursuing your bliss, you’ll lose interest after a short while; be honest with yourself.

Step 2

Decide that you WILL have these things. Did you know the word ‘decide’ comes from the Latin ‘decidere’ which means, “to cut off”. When you decide you cut off any other possibility from occurring, you must have this strength of decision.

Step 3

Write them down! I am 100% confident that this is the main cause of success or failure when it comes to setting goals. Reducing your resolutions/goals to paper creates a higher level of commitment on your part, programs the subconscious mind and creates a much more definite intention.

Step 4

Be specific! A very popular New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight; this is a great resolution to be specific about. You must know the exact amount and by what date you will have achieved this.

If you just started out lifting weights, you should make some juicy ‘measurement goals’. For example, let’s say your arms are 13.5 inches; make your goal to have 14.5 inch arms by a given date.

Step 5

Be Positive. Use definite, positive language for your resolutions. NEVER say ‘I might’ have this or that or, ‘I would like’ to be a certain type of person. Taking the last two steps into consideration a great example of a written New Year’s Resolution would look something like this,

“By the 1st day of June 2009, I will have 9% body fat”

If you just want to get fit, writing, “I want to get fit” won’t do it either. Pick a certain distance you would like to walk/run by a definite date.

Step 6

Write Your Resolutions Out Daily. Daily?! Yes, absolutely! There is enormous power in this. When you understand how your subconscious mind works you would think it crazy NOT to do this. Your subconscious works ALL the time, even when you sleep. This exercise of writing your goals out daily programs your intention into your subconscious mind and creates certainty within you that what it is you want is achievable.

Do this for at least 2 weeks, after which you’ll be a goal-achiever on autopilot. Ignore this step and your mind will wander until one day you’ll realize that you’ve forgotten all about your dreams and slipped back into complacency. I like to do this little exercise first thing in the morning.

Step 7

Visualize! Following on from the previous point, another way of cultivating belief is to visualize your success. Use big, bright images to imagine the new you and give yourself permission to feel as though it were already true.

If you’re a believer in the law of attraction, you will be aware that this process attracts to you the people, circumstances, blogsĀ  šŸ˜‰ , that you require for your success. Remember, you get what you think about whether you want it or not – so focus on what you want.

I personally have used, and still use, all of the above steps in my life. It comes HIGHLY recommended.

They say that each day is a chance to start all over again, and they’re right. In fact, each moment is an opportunity to begin all over again. But, you must plan for it and then DECIDE! Take this moment right NOW to begin a brand new chapter in your life.

Stay Motivated!

Mark McManus

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)