unattractive-male-qualitiesThe “modern man” has a lot of work to do.

A lot of men aren’t men anymore. How did it happen? I’m not 100% sure, but it needs to be addressed.

There are 3 qualities especially that I have noticed in many men today.

These qualities are so unmanly that I can imagine that women just find them unbelievably unattractive. Ladies, you’ll have to let me know if I’m right, but it certainly appears this way to me. Here goes…


(1) People Pleaser/Doormat

Men, do you really think women want this?

Your job isn’t to “please” your woman at every turn. It’s to be her strength, her security. When she feels this from you, only then will she feel safe enough to allow herself to open to you.

When this happens, you can then experience the deep connection that you both desire. The connection that can only come about from the attraction of opposites i.e. masculine and feminine.

Now, how can she trust in your strength when you flip-flop all over the place? It’s clear that you don’t even trust your own judgement, so how can she?

doormatIn an unwise attempt to “please” her, you end up projecting weakness and instability – very unattractive.

If you disagree with your partner, so be it. If you change your opinion all the time to suit her, she may be temporarily happy, but underneath there’ll be a growing disrespect towards you for not standing firm.

There’s nothing worse than a man that can’t make a decision. If every time she asks what you want to do, you reply, “Well baby, what do you want to do?”, you’re just going about it all wrong. Stop that. Tell the girl what you want.

Again, she craves your strength and security. She needs to feel safe and “at home” with you. [tweetthis]If you become a doormat, you actually rob your girl of what she really wants: Masculine presence[/tweetthis] Be authentic, not a “people pleaser”.


(2) Laziness/Lack of Purpose & Direction


I can imagine being a woman and coming home to see my man lie on the couch all evening watching TV. What a disappointment! How unattractive is that?

Personally, I think men should be ‘about’ something. The opposite of a man with purpose is a ‘drifter’. Would you rather be blown about by the winds of circumstance in life, or confidently chart your own course?

lack-of-purposeA man should feel like he has a mission, a purpose in life. You do this by setting goals and giving yourself a direction to move in.

You need something to pursue. This ‘something’ should be in tune with who you are as a person. You probably already know what it is.

We all have talents, likes, and interests that have been with us since childhood. Again, it’s about be authentic and true to yourself. Don’t set goals to impress other people. Base your purpose around who you really are.

A good woman will always support her man in what he does. And he will of course support her, too.

If you are the type of guy that procrastinates a lot, remember that…

[tweetthis]In an effort to gain ease & escape taking action, you breed anxiety & make life more difficult[/tweetthis]

You are simply making life more difficult than it has to be.

See my article, ‘The Path of Least Resistance Is The Path of Pain‘.

One of my favourite authors James Allen wrote…

“Of all miserable men, the shirker is the most miserable. Thinking to find ease and happiness in avoiding difficult tasks, which require the expenditure of labour and exertion, his mind is always uneasy and disturbed, he becomes burdened with an inward sense of shame, and forfeits manliness and self-respect.”

Seriously, by trading purpose for ease, you simply make yourself miserable. For more on having purpose, see point 4 in this article.


(3) Uncleanliness/Being Disorganised

organisedBeing messy is just not attractive.

  • Keep your body clean
  • Your car clean
  • Your home clean
  • Wear nice clothes
  • Be organised with your business and affairs
  • And please do brush your teeth!

It shows that you respect yourself enough to take care of yourself.

I think it also projects an air of masculinity i.e. a guy who is in control and on top of his game.


What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Talk with me below.

Do you have any additional qualities you think should be highlighted?

Do you think I’m just flat-out wrong about this?

Are you female and want to share your opinion?

By the way, one of your goals can be to develop a body you really love. After all, you have to carry it around with you all day.

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