JuanitobeforeandafterYou know the term “Skinny-Fat”?

It’s basically when someone who has a predominantly “ectomorphic” body type (skinny, not much muscle) has accumulated fat in all the wrong places.

People like this tend to store fat on the midsection and chest. The result is a look that is both skinny and fat.

However, it makes a transformation all the more impressive when someone in this category adds muscle and torches their fat.

Reader Juanito Taveras shared his progress pics with me recently on the MuscleHack Facebook page.

He’s been on THT training, the MANS diet, and Total Six Pack Abs – switching it up at different times.

Here is what he had to say…

During my second semester of my senior year of high school plus the summer, I did not care about what I ate and just became a fat dude. I had a girlfriend who loved me very much no matter what and saw little motivation to lose weight.

Once I started college and started seeing sexy ladies everywhere, I decided it was time to get sexy. So I entered the Body Transformation Fitness Challenge on reddit and stuck to Total Six Pack Abs.

I had done T.S.P.A. in the past and had gotten great results, but this is the first time I stuck to it with so much dedication and for so long. My roommate joined me in my journey as well, and he’s done TSPA for a while now. He made outstanding progress as well, and I’ll definitely ask him to post his progress pictures.

Anyway, the journey on TSPA, then on MANS, and back on TSPA has been an awesome one! TSPA is hands down the best cutting program you could possibly do.

Progress is from left to right

Progress is from left to right


Few other programs tell you to change what you’re doing if your progress stalls, and take a step-by-step approach the way TSPA does. Everyone who I’ve recommend the program to has had stellar results.

MANSjustipad was great, and I loved bulking. While cutting, I would progress one rep per week on my lifts, and while bulking I would frequently do two reps more. The difference in muscle growth was quite big, but I was still able to grow a very substantial amount of muscle while cutting. That’s because THT is the best muscle building program out there.

Finally, I very rarely did cardio throughout the year. I might’ve run on the treadmill a total of ten or fifteen times for the year, and I don’t play any sports.

So, I’m extremely happy with all the progress I’ve made, and I must attribute it all to Mark McManus. He bases everything he does on hard science, and he’s quite humble and will update his programs if he comes across more research. He is crazy dedicated to social media, and will respond to anyone in just a few hours, even if it’s a stupid question. I’ve never seen a blogger so connected to his readers, and I always felt that I had his support.

So, that’s it! I’m going to continue on TSPA for a little while longer, most probably, and then I’ll likely go on MANS again.

Thank you, Mark, for your excellent programs, research, and feedback. You’ve changed my life with your content, and I hope that these pictures can help you to spread your ideas to more people.




Well done, Juanito! And keep going – never stop!

Also, I agree – Total Six Pack Abs is the single best cutting strategy on the market. You make rapid progress and the tools and tweaks included ensure that you never stall until you reach your goal! What could be better than that?

Also, you DO NOT have to sacrifice your muscle to get ripped. And you will keep gaining strength in the gym as normal with TSPA. That’s because you don’t stop THT training while on TSPA.

For you guys not needing to lose fat, but just wanting to gain muscle, get THT training FREE right now. Start the journey to a whole new body today!

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)