THT-muscle-gainsWant to start THT? Have you trained THT-style before and are wondering whether or not to do it again?

You should! I’m unapologetic when I say I fully believe that you’ll make better gains on THT than on any other program out there.

And don’t put it off.  It’s the start of a new year; it’s time to put everything right!

To get started straight away, download the workout below. It’s free and there’s no spam.

THT training works in 10 week cycles i.e. you train for 10 weeks, take a week off, then get back at it for another 10 weeks.

So get excited! Here’s what you can expect to happen within your first 10 weeks!

muscle gains in 10 weeks

Your Strength Will Go Through The Roof

No doubt, the very first thing you’re going to notice how much stronger you will get – fast! With each successive workout you’re going to be blown away by the extra reps you are knocking out, and the increased weight you can handle.

Everyone has this experience! You’re going to be shocked – count on it!

You’ll Make Real Size Gains – You’ll Be Noticeably Bigger

Other programs tell you to wait months before you can see any difference – and even then you’re going to be disappointed.

Even within your first 4 weeks on THT, you’ll see the size changes in the mirror. Even hardgainers/skinny guys get bigger in 4 weeks on THT!

Here’s some real-life results…


ERIC-BEFORE-AND-AFTER“Just finished 10 weeks of THT. Great results. I weighed 63kg at 15% Body Fat (in the before pic). I weighed 69Kg at 12.5% (in the after pic). Huge difference. Thank you once again Mark!” Eric Leroyer, 20 yrs old. Note: that’s a 13.2lb increase in body weight with a 2.5% drop in body fat at the same time!


“I am living proof of the point you are trying to get across. Like you, I sport a six-pack all year-round and continue to progress in lean mass gains. I weighed in at 153lbs when my training days began. I am now in the low 180′s. I did a bodyfat check this morning: 8.7%. Not bad, especially when you are still putting on size. I cannot thank you enough, Mark, for your thorough guidance. I am sincerely grateful and deeply honored to join the ranks of your success stories! Keep inspiring us, Mark. You are an icon!” Craig Moody, 27 yrs old. Miami, FL, USA.


 Other People Will Make Positive Comments On Your Physique

Following on from above, you won’t be the only person who will notice the difference in your body.

Within your first 10 weeks of THT, don’t be surprised if your friends and family ask, “Wow, what the hell are you doing!?”

Sean in Texas had the following to say about taking his top off in front of his daughter’s friends (and their moms lol)


“I saw a book called Targeted Hypertrophy Training. I clicked it, read it, and realized I had been training the wrong way for 20 years! THT has brought to me the knowledge and understanding of how to actually build muscle the correct way. I went to the water park and when I took my shirt off, [my wife’s] oldest daughter told me to put it back on. She said, “All my friends are checking you out…along with their Moms!” I busted out laughing.” Sean Alexander Brown (his facebook profile)


And don’t be surprised when you get the “are you using steroids?” question. It’ll probably happen at some point. Take it as a compliment.

taken from facebook page

THT will produce results so fast you shouldn’t be surprised when people ask you if you’re on steroids!


You’re Going To Be Sore – Sorrydelayed-onset-muscle-soreness

You will experience DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness. You’ll probably experience more soreness on THT than on any other program you’ve tried. This will ease after 2-3 weeks, but there’s usually some level of pain that accompanies a THT workout – if you’re doing it right. However, most of us love DOMS 😀

There’s a strange pleasure from having sore muscles. It’s like you know you’ve had an awesome workout and will reap the rewards soon 😀

You’re Going To Have Crazy Enthusiasm For Your Workouts

It’s simple really. People lose motivation and stop training because the results aren’t coming. The results WILL come with THT. When you can see more muscle in the mirror, you will easily stay the course. In fact, you’re going to be anxious to get to the gym for your next session.

You May Even Lose Fat Without Trying

Though THT and my “lean gains” diets MANS and GLAD are not fat loss programs as such, so many people come back to me reporting fat loss.

If they are eating above maintenance by using my Free Calorie Calculator, then this is hard to explain calorie-wise.

But when you start to use a hypertrophy-specific program like THT, which ramps up all your anabolic machinery, then more of those calories can be partitioned to building muscle, leaving less to be used by the body for general energy purposes. In such a case, your body will burn body fat for that extra energy it needs.

However, if you really want aggressive fat loss (while still training THT style) please get my Total Six Pack Abs program. I believe there is simply no better way the torch unwanted fat. The REAL testimonials I have received over the years have been incredible – check them out here.


So, don’t put this off another second! Get THT now! You’ve tried other programs, right? The results weren’t great. So think about it, you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying THT. Your results can only be an improvement on the disappointing gains you’ve made in the past.

You’ve 2 choices:

(1) Keep doing what you’re doing – and you’ll surely get the same results

(2) Start THT and make the same amazing gains as thousands of others have.

Download THT below. After inputting your email, you will be taken directly to the download page for instant access to the workout.

Stay Motivated!


You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)