broscience-quotesGotta love some broscience!

Usually when someone counters something I say, it starts with, “I heard…” or “Well the guy at the gym said…”

Let me stop you right there.

If I give an argument supported by logic, reason, and references to studies, you have no business countering with what you “heard”. That’s not how it works, my friend.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I asked my facebook followers to share with me their top broscience quotes.

Here they are in all their hilarious glory.

If you’ve any to add, comment below…


3 hours

  • I started off the comments with one of my own favs, “Eat every 3 hours or you’ll go catabolic”.
  • Steroids turn fat into muscle
  • You should leave at least 4 days between back day and chest day.
  • The bar should never touch your chest doing bench press.
  • Young beginner says, “I need to start working my legs more” …. Older dude “hey bro, don’t worry about your legs and focus on upper body. You never need to do your legs cos you are on them all day at work, that’s enough for them”. I heard this the other day and nearly butted in cos this guy had skinny legs and felt like I should say something!


  • Doing combined exercises are the way to go eg. doing a squat and finishing with a calf raise at the end of the motion. Or Deadlift and then step up onto a bench.
  • Only way to do reverse pyramid is with no rest in between.
  • Its OK to do chest workout everyday.
  • Gotta change your workout every week. You’re smart right? Your muscles are even smarter and need to be confused in order to grow. Muscle confusion is where it’s at, baby!
  • You need to eat 5,000 calories daily to build xxx lbs of muscle every month.
  • When bulking, you need to drink as little water as possible.
  • Steroids only give you side effects if you use them for more than a year.


  • Taking creatine is the same as taking steroids.
  • I was told, being a woman, if I took creatine I would start to grow chest hair. Needless to say but my chest has been hair free lol.
  • I read on a strength training site that you don’t need isolation ‘cos compound exercises do it all. “Even your arms have to work hard to hold the bar on your back when you Squat, which indirectly helps to build bigger arms.”
  • I was told Starting Strength was all I needed for all my “goals”. I didn’t put on much if any muscle, but did gain a good bit of fat due to the “fantastic” calorie recommendations lol.
  • How well you do the movement doesn’t matter so much as long as the weight is there.



Now enjoy this funny “Do You Even Lift?” Broscience vid…

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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