The protein works reviewI am now using and highly recommending The Protein Works as my go-to supplement company.

the-protein-works-naked-wheI came to start using their products when searching for an all-natural whey.

My diet is pretty much all-natural except for when it comes to whey – they’re all sweetened with sucralose or aspartame.

So happily I came across The Protein Works “Naked” Whey, which is the UK’s first all natural whey protein powder made using all natural flavorings, colorings, sweeteners (Stevia) and ingredients. Awesome!

I got some and it tastes great. They only do chocolate in the Naked Whey for now, but they’ll introduce new flavors as its popularity increases.

Apart from an all-natural whey, other reasons I like TPW are:

  • Better quality as is evident from the reduced lactose and fat in the whey
  • They only use all natural flavours and colours (even in sucralose sweetened whey)
  • Products such as Raze Pre-workout use premium active ingredients such as iBCAA instead of BCAA (just as one example)
  • They promise to never to use any thickeners or fillers
  • They’re committed to innovation as you can see from their unique Create Your Own Formula tool

EDIT: GREAT NEWS! the-protein-works-discountI’ve had a word with the guys at TPW and they’ve agreed to give Muscle Hackers 10% off everything site-wide! Click on the image to the right and/or use code TSN10 when buying. Offer ends Midnight 30th Sep 2013.

A product they have called Super Greens also caught my eye. I’m supplementing with it a few days a weeks now. They describe it as “an extremely potent superfood formula packed full of 23 of the world’s most nutrient dense food sources. It’s probably the most comprehensive greens powder on the market today.

the-protein-works-super-greBecause Super Greens is so nutrient dense, a single serving equates to 5 portions of vegetables and fruit. It’s unique nutritional profile can help boost energy levels and detox the digestive system at a cellular level.”

While nothing replaces real food, sometimes life gets in the way of getting everything the body needs in a given day. This makes it a breeze. I mix in some with my whey and I’m good to go, safe in the knowledge that my body has everything it needs, not just to survive, but to function at optimal levels.

AND….there’s a scoop at the top of every bag! I don’t know why other companies don’t do this. I always misplace my scoops – which is très annoying! So I’m searching in cupboards and drawers for a scoop when I need a shake.

The scoop will be relative to the serving size, so they give you a big scoop for whey, and smaller ones for Raze Pre-Workout and Super Greens. I never have to go searching for a scoop now 😀

Here’s some other TPW products I have tried…

Protein Cookies – ~37g protein per cookie. These are soft-baked (kinda like a cookie from Subway if you’ve ever had one). As you can see, I’ve almost finished the whole box. These are white chocolate macadamia.





Protein Pancakes. I love these because they are indistinguishable from real pancakes. They’re not made primarily from whey so they’re not dry (they’re not made from soy either). Just add milk or water to the mix. Over 30g protein per serving 🙂 .  By the way, the Raze Pre-workout tastes like Apple Jacks, if any of you remember them from when you were a kid.


Here’s the pancakes I made.


Whey & Oat Crisp Bars. Delicious chewy and crispy protein bars (19g protein per bar)


My new Pill Box. Every Sunday I load up my box with all my micro-supplements for the week. I keep it by my bedside and upon rising I take my micros for the day. This way it’s easy and I simply CAN’T forget to take them. So if you take a multi-vitamin, vitamin D, Omega 3, anti-oxidant etc. grab an inexpensive pill box and make life easy for yourself.


If you decide to buy from TPW, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of the products, or indeed the delivery speed. I’m loving their stuff!

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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