Should You Stretch Before Training

Would you like to add over 20lbs to your big lifts like leg presses right from your very next workout?

It’s easy if you’re currently stretching before your workout. Just STOP stretching!

That’s right. Stretching before weight training is a big NO NO.

You wouldn’t believe how many people are shocked when I tell them not to stretch before their workout.

If you’ve been reading my work for a while you’ll know that I steer clear of pre-workout stretching because of something called

Stretching-Induced Force Deficit

This is a fancy way of saying that a muscle becomes temporarily weaker if you stretch it. So if you currently stretch before your training, cut it out and watch your strength and size gains increase.

However, sometimes the question would arise, “Do this only affect beginners? If I’ve been training for years will stretching still negatively impact my workout?”

A new study has the answer.

A Brazilian team of researchers tested the effects of static stretching on a group of untrained and trained individuals in their 20’s [1].

They tested maximum strength on the following exercises:

  • bench press
  • lat pull-down
  • bicep curl
  • leg press

The result was that the loss in strength was similar in both groups i.e. it didn’t matter whether or not the person was trained or untrained, they lost a significant amount of strength when they stretched prior to training.

We’re talking more than a 20lb loss in leg press and bench press (1 rep max). So this is no small matter!

The researchers concluded:

“In conclusion, the passive static stretching program was detrimental to upper and lower body maximal muscle strength performance in several body segments. The negative effects of stretching were similar for subjects participating in resistance training regimens.”

“From a practical standpoint for coaches and trainers, it seems inappropriate to encourage static stretching before athletic events or physical activities that require high levels of muscle strength.”

So leave out the stretching and read this to learn how to properly warm up for a bodybuilding workout like THT Training.

Train With Intensity!


[1] Experience in resistance training does not prevent reduction in muscle strength evoked by passive static stretching. J Strength Cond Res. 2012 Nov 30.

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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