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This post lists just some of the positive feedback I’ve received from readers of MuscleHack.

These testimonials make all my work worthwhile.
I love reading them.
I want to thank all of you who took the time to thank me for my work and the results you have achieved.

Hopefully you’ll feel energized and enthused by reading some of the success stories here.

All testimonials were unsolicited. I also have everyone’s permission to include their message along with their first name and/or city/country.

Dan. Georgia, USA.

“Since going on the low carb diet, my weight has dropped from 210 to 197 and I have actually made strength gains. I had always correlated increased weight with strength gains and decreased weight with strength loss and thought that diet really didn’t matter… untrue! I’m 6’2” and although I wasn’t “fat”, I was starting to get that pudge around my waist at 36″. I’m now down to a 34.5″ waist. Thanks and keep up the good work!”

Leo. Australia

“Congratulations Mark – best no-bullshit Bodybuilding site online. I’ve been looking for this info in a condensed form for years.”

Stephen. New York, USA

“I just cannot believe it, Mark, I have never liked fat much, as a kid always
avoid ALL fats…. I have done this [MuscleHack Anabolic Nutritional Strategy] strictly for the last two weeks and not only have a lost fat, but gained muscle with MINIMAL exercise. I feel stronger, I feel healthier, my blood pressure and blood sugar are more consistent. I no longer get water retention. This is just outstanding. I am transforming like never before.”

Bryan. Florida, USA

“I’ve been on the MANS diet for 3 weeks now, and feeling GREAT about the results I’ve been getting. Like many others, I doubted its effectiveness, but no more.”

Joe (no location provided)

“I just wanted to send a message thanking you for all your time that you have put into this site. It is such a great source for ACCURATE information. I have an ectomorph body and too long have I listened to friends that work out and seem to easily get results. I’m a hard gainer and no information from the gyms or friends have every really helped me. I would get discuraged and quit. I’ve been using your workout plan and diet for 2 weeks using an incline bench and dumbbells at home and I’ve gotten better results in that time period then I had from months at a gym. So thank you SOO much and keep up the great work.”


“Ive been following your diet for a few weeks now. Amazing results:I lost all
the fat accumulated over the last year and have seen increased muscle growth.
Many thanks for this.”

Mauricio. Manaus, Brazil

“Thank you very very very much.
Today is friday of my first week with this program and i did not do everything correct, but i just can feel the results, fucking crazy man. Now i will do my best with this diet and i am so anxious to view the complete result !
I am telling to all my friends !!! Do it ! Just try ! Forget about all the old concepts !
Thanks Mark
You are the best, I found my way !”

There are many more testimonials and I’ll be adding them to a new section here at the site in due course.

Stay Motivated!

Mark McManus

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)