omni-contractionsDid you see my recent post on 6 muscle-building techniques you’ve never heard of?

If you haven’t applied these techniques, you’re leaving gains on the table. Go read it, it’s awesome.

You’ll see that number 3 on that list was Omni-Contractions.

Today, I’ll give you further instructions on this “muscle-fiber-frying” technique and tell you how it can help you build more muscle faster.

Omni-Contractions For Better Gains


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NOTE: I discovered Omni-Contraction Training from the writings of the late Mike Mentzer. More can be learned from the awesome book ‘The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer‘.

Did you know that every muscle has 3 levels of strength. Not just 1. They are:

  1. Positive
  2. Static (holding)
  3. Negative

They each involve different types of contraction – concentric, static, and eccentric.

To ensure maximum intensity across all 3 levels, try this…

  • When you reach positive failure, don’t set the weight down.
  • Lower the weight a couple inches and hold there for a few seconds.
  • Then lower another couple inches and hold there for a few seconds…
  • Then lower another couple inches and hold there for a few seconds…
  • and so on all the way to the bottom.

When you pause at each point, make sure you contract upwards just a little before lowering again. This really helps recruit any fibers that may be dormant and elevates metabolic stress levels.



Muscle fibers are recruited sequentially i.e. as you get closer to failure, more and more fibers are recruited. Taking a set to its natural end (failure) is the best way to ensure maximim muscle fiber recruitment in every set.

By employing an omni-contraction at the end, we can get even closer to 100% recruitment levels. Furthermore, we increase metabolic stress levels and muscle damage.

All these factors correlate positively with protein synthesis levels – or put in English – if you do this, you’ll stimulate more growth.

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Note: Omni-contractions can be used on virtually every exercise, not just barbell curls. I’m only using barbell curls as it’s an easy way to demonstrate the technique.



I don’t recommend that you do this after every set. If you do, successive sets of the same exercise will be negatively impacted. So therefore, you should factor in an omni-contraction on the last set of any given body part.

So if you’re on THT training and training the whole body giving each muscle 2 sets to failure, do an omni-contraction at the end of the 2nd set. Easy!


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For more on getting the very best out of your bicep workout, also check out my recent post 3 new tips for bigger biceps.


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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)