3-days-training-per-weekYes! Yes!

100 times yes!

Still to this day I get readers telling me that they’re going to stay on the 5 day THT workout (instead of the 3 day plan) because they want to “speed up” results. Woah! Hold up!

The 5-day routine is not more effective.

This belief stems from the “more is better” mindset that is still rampant in the bodybuilding community.

Think about it…if more was really better, why do 8 sets? Do 20. Why stop at 20, do 50. If more is better, do 100 sets as it must produce better results than 50, right? I’m sure you see the absurdity of “more is better”.

So we all have to draw the line somewhere.

Now, please pay attention to this…muscle growth is a 2-step process.

(1) The stimulation i.e. the workout itself.

(2) The rest afterwards where repair and growth can occur.

Only when both are correct, can you truly grow. The workout needs to be of a sufficient intensity, and the rest period needs to be sufficiently long enough to produce those gains you’ve stimulated.

I’ve stated it gazillion times: A workout does not PRODUCE growth, it merely STIMULATES it. The rest period then PRODUCES the growth.

I coined the term Peak Overcompensation Point (POP) to describe the time when you have fully produced all the gains you stimulated in the gym. Only then should you hit the same body part again. P.O.P. is point (3) in this diagram…



So please remember the distinction between “stimulating” and “producing” in the future.

The more work/volume/sets you do, the greater the stimulation – true. But also, the longer is required to recover and produce the growth.

Doing too much work and/or not allowing a long enough time to elapse between hitting the same body part results in ZERO PROGRESS. Your body is not getting a chance to produce the gains you want so bad.

This is an example of being “too keen” and getting nowhere.

NOTE: When you’re cutting, your ability to recover actually slows. Your training must be amended (slightly) to allow for this. If not, you will actually lose muscle. Discover how to train your whole body correctly in my fat loss program Total Six Pack Abs.


If you interfere with the recovery process, you’ll never heal and grow. Leave it alone.

So, if you’re doing the 3-day THT routine, make sure you’ve trained intensely enough on Monday, Wedesday, and Friday, then simply leave the body alone on those other days to let the reparation process complete itself. Think of it like the body repairing a cut on your skin. If you poke it, it never heals. Just leave it alone and let it heal itself.

So more is not better. But less is not better. We want the PRECISE amount/volume of work relative to the rest said volume demands for the stimulated changes to occur.

On the 5-day routine we do 8 sets to failure for each body part and allow a week for recovery and growth i.e. a 5-day split routine.

On the 3-day plan we do 2 sets to failure for each body part and train the whole body 3 times a week i.e. a 3-day full body routine.

Bear in mind that although there are 2 extra days on the 5 -day plan, each session is shorter than those 3-day workouts.

So, if you had any confusion about this, I hope you can see now that the 5-day routine is not more effective simply because there are 2 extra days. However, it’s not less effective either.

Stop making the mistake other “empty heads” in the gym are making year after year. MORE IS NOT BETTER. More leads to short-circuiting your gains and making zero progress.

Hit it hard – Rest – Hit it hard – Rest – Hit it hard – Rest – Hit it hard – Rest – Hit it hard ∞

It’s Monday today – go train with as much intensity as you can muster!

Then simply rest and eat 😀

Now you know what to do and why you’re doing it, get the science-based, growth-promoting THT workout below for free. Make amazing gains like these guys. Both the 3-day and 5-day plans are included…

Got questions? Need assistance in any way? Let me help you. Just ask in the comments section below…

Your Buddy,


You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)