Christmas is near!

You feeling Christmassy yet? I’m starting to! I’ve already bought most of my gifts for others, so I’m doing well this year ūüôā

Anyway, as an early Christmas gift to you, I’m offering Total Six Pack Abs at 25% off (UK/Europe buyers get a¬†41%¬†Discount as no VAT is payable at this sale price!!*)

Like any other time I’ve offered TSPA at a discounted price, this will only be available for a couple of days (until 9th December 2011) and will be taken down again. I don’t do fake sale prices like some other sites do.

So in order to get the best damn six-pack guide on the market at this reduced price, don’t hesitate and grab it now!

T.S.P.A. is the six-pack program used around the world by models, wrestlers, figure competitors, and males and females of all ages to SCORCH fat and carve out rock-hard abs in the fastest time possible.

See the REAL testimonials and find out how long it will take you to succeed on the program by clicking here to go to the T.S.P.A. page. However, come back here to complete your purchase as the discount is NOT available through the regular sales page!

Right now you can pick up your copy of Total Six Pack Abs for just $35 or  £22.50, down from $47.

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And there’s even more discounts…

If you purchase TSPA today, I will email you a¬†Massive 50%-Off Discount Code¬†for “The Arms Blast Experiment” program if you want bigger arms in a hurry! This will bring the cost down to just ~$15 (or ¬£9.99) from $30! That’s¬†$15 for up to an INCH on your arms in just a week!¬†It’s a small fraction of the price you’ll pay for your next tub of protein! (coupon code emailed within 6 days of purchasing TSPA).¬†Click here for more details on this unique system!

*no refund policy at this sale price.¬†UK & European¬†buyers actually get a further discount since the 20% extra VAT charge is not payable at this sale price! So for all¬†UK & Europe buyers¬†it’s¬†¬£22.50, down from ¬£38.46, a massive¬†41% DISCOUNT¬†just for buying today! Remember that all future updates are free for buyers.

Now on to some testimonials…

Perry Babcock, 26, from Lansing, MI. His BodySpace profile is here.


Just wanted to share my TSPA success, these results are for 12 weeks using TSPA and THT training. I went from 211 to around 185 at a little less than 8% bodyfat. I wanted to go lower but I can’t resist bulking up again using MANS.

Also, I’ve got my wife on TSPA as well and she’s lost over 20 lbs! She loves the workouts and the diet.

Ever since I’ve found your website I’ve been hooked and I love your books and training advice. Thanks for all the help!

The earlier picture was taken on august 15th. The other pictures were taken on november 4th (just over 11 weeks). I was doing TSPA for an online contest.

Darren Victor, 39, from Gibraltar (A testimonial for about 8 Weeks of THT Training)

First, I’d like to thank you for such a book! Ace, man! I am a retired MMA fighter, so training has always been my thing. However, I had a lot of bad phases. Anyway, I am sending you 2 pics. The one with the gloves is about 2 years old; don’t have a recent one before starting your book, but I never got any better than that.

I say that I can compare it with the 2nd photo, dated this Monday. There is a big difference and I am ever so happy!!! I started THT on the 1st October 2011 and I have already increased 1.1cm, mostly around arms, chest and back; shoulders slightly more! I apply some exercises from cycle 1 and some from cycle 2.

All in all, I am able to increase weight and reps much faster than ever and… strength, man! I feel strong!!! All this thanks to you, Mark! People like me, need people like you!

Sorry about facebook, but I am not a social-network kind of guy… all my time is for my daughter, wife, work and… hitting the iron, mate ūüėČ I do spare some time to read your book, though ūüėČ no jokes!

Dean Lester, 46. His BodySpace Profile Is Here.

At 46 I was out of shape and in the worse shape of my life. It took me seeing myself in a video to realize just how out of shape I really was. At 210 lbs and 30% body fat I went on the first diet in my life and got down to 195 lbs and 20% body fat in a month. Decent results but I was still not happy with how I looked. I then started working out and gained a lot of muscle quickly going up to 215 lbs while drop my body fat to 15%.

During this time I did a lot of research on nutrition and exercise and it was how I came across I decided to buy Mark’s Total Six Pack Abs program and give it a try. Mark’s program is well written and easy to follow and in just 7 weeks I went from 212.2 lbs and 14.8% body fat to 199 lbs and 9.2% body fat. I am thrilled with my results and its actually inspired me to continue training and to enter my first natural bodybuilding competition in 2012! I would highly recommend Mark’s TSPA program to anyone serious about getting a six pack!
Mark I know you like to link to something to show the testimonal is legit. You can use my BodySpace profile.

Get Ready For 2012!!

Stay Motivated!


P.S. At MuscleHacker, Brandi just posted an article about the myth of fat turning into muscle!

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)