mind-hack-for-successI was going to call this article ‘How to Install a Successful Person’s Mindset into your Brain‘…

Because that’s essentially what this is all about. I think you’ll love this post. It may even change your life. Even Will Smith agrees with me – you’ll see below.

Just take 5 minutes to read it and I’m sure you’ll be very glad you did.

Whether you want:

  • Your dream body
  • Your dream career
  • Financial Independence
  • ________fill in the blank…

…there is one factor that is absolutely necessary before you can be confident of success.

And it’s rooted in 1 word…



Do you know what that word really means? Do you understand the power of that word?

The following is an excerpt from the beginning of my fat-loss program ‘Total Six Pack Abs‘:

“The word ‘decide’ actually comes from Latin ‘dēcīsiō’, which literally means to ‘cut off’.
When you TRULY ‘decide’ something you ‘cut off’ any other possibility from happening; it’s going to happen – period! No plan B.
The whole course of your life is shaped by the STRENGTH of your decisions”


Decide comes from Latin dēcīsiō which means to cut off. Decide = cut off all other possibilities Share on X


The Power of a “Made-Up” Mind


There is tremendous POWER in a “made up” mind! If you have truly decided, then your mind is made up. You are committed. You know where you are going – period!


There is tremendous POWER in a MADE-UP mind! Share on X


When the inevitable challenges arise in your pursuit of a goal, they don’t discourage the made-up mind. This guy will learn and grow from it and carry on. He or she KNOWS where they’re going.

But the guy that is going to “try” to achieve something, feels defeated and sooner or later gives up.

If you’re serious about doing things in life…there is no “try”. You either do it or you don’t.


Let me give you an example of a made-up mind...

Let’s say there’s a guy who has “decided” to “try” to lose 40lbs over the next 6 months.

Will he do it? Probably not. His mindset is all wrong. Because he is only “trying” to do it, he will fall after a few hurdles; those hurdles being hunger, being around others eating high-calorie foods, lack of motivation to train, and so on.

Now, let’s take the same guy and imagine that a gang of bad guys have kidnapped his family. They send a video to him of guns pointed to the heads of his wife and kids (yeah I know this is a little extreme). Their demand? Lose 40lbs over the next 6 months or they die!

Will he do it? You know very well that he will.

I call this the gun-to-the-head mentality.

People that constantly tell themselves they can’t do something are simply full of…poop. Put a gun to their head and all of a sudden they’ll find a way to achieve the goal. They’ll move heaven and earth to get it done! What seemed “impossible” is now very do-able. Strange that, isn’t it?


What If You Couldn’t Fail?


In the pursuit of a goal, always ask yourself: How would I think and act if I knew I couldn’t fail? This question puts the mind in a whole new state of resourfulness and you’ll come up with better ideas and a willingness to follow through.


In the pursuit of a goal always ask yourself: How would I think and act if I knew I couldn't fail? Share on X


Remember that it’s actually impossible to succeed without failing. You must “fail” sometimes on your journey to acquire the necessary new skills and knowledge that will take you to your goal.

light-bulbWhen Thomas Edison was working hard try to invent the light bulb, a reporter expressed his sympathy to Edison that he had tried and  failed 10,000 times to create it.

Edison replied, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

You see, success is a numbers game. And if you keep persisting you’ll realise that success lies on the far side of failure.


Success is a numbers game so persist! Success lies on the far side of failure Share on X


Brian Tracy in his book “Maximum Achievement” says, “Life sets up a series of hurdles to teach you exactly what you need to learn to reach your goal”.


Will Smith sums up the made-up mind perfectly. Watch this video of clips of him talking about the success mindset.

[The audio isn’t syncing correctly at the beginning, but it will. Keep watching]

I love at 22 seconds in he says, “It’s very simple…this is what I believe…and I’m willing to die for it – period.”

When I started MuscleHack, I gave myself 2 options:

  • It succeeds, or…
  • I die trying.

Will states at 1:53, “The only thing that is distinctly different about me is…I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill. You might have more talent than me. You might be smarter than me. But if we get on the treadmill together, there’s 2 things: Either you’re getting off first or I’m gonna die. It’s really that simple.”

And at 3:42 he really defines a made-up mind, “There’s no reason to have a plan B because it distracts from plan A”. Indeed, a made up mind is a very powerful thing.


So…you can’t get a six-pack, you say? You know you can. Here’s a lady in her 40’s that got ripped after having 4 kids. But you can’t?? Come on!

You can’t get a better job or earn more money? What if your mind was fully made up and you had 100% commitment? You’d get that job.

Stop with the lame-ass excuses and DECIDE how your life is going to be.


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