Targeted Hypertrophy Training (T.H.T.)

Sculpt hard, toned, lean muscle training 3 or 5 days per week with this science-based workout that has already transformed the bodies of thousands of women.

(T.H.T.) comes with both 3 and 5 day per week cycles. Pick which one suits your lifestyle better.




Just Some of the Ladies of T.H.T. (so far)

Myra Marshall

“I searched through tons of websites, blogs, and forums and then I found MuscleHack. The human body is the human body, male or female; we are just as capable of doing the same exercises as men and we should do the same exercises that they do.” Myra Marshall.



Lisandra Benitez

“Mark! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and method with the rest of us. It has changed my way of life”





Lisa Hauliska

“I followed your THT workout. I cannot tell you how many people I refer to your site! Some don’t believe that’s “all” I used this last year to get where I am. But I tell them, yes it is!” Lisa Hauliska.





What T.H.T. Ladies Are Saying

Don’t take it from me, here’s what others are saying!

“I found the MuscleHack site in January of this year. I couldn’t believe the difference it made in my training! I gained more muscle and got so much stronger in 2 months than I had the entire YEAR of training before! The difference in the amount of muscle I have now is amazing!”

Brandi McAtee – NPC Competitor (Yes THT is for women too)

Brandi McAtee

I was contacted on Instagram by Vy, who wanted to tell me she was beginning the THT training 3-day full body routine.

She says she’s excited. She reports she’s setting new personal bests. Cool 🙂

You can get her on Instagram here.


Stephanie Robinson after pregnancy said, “I’ve reached goal! I’m really excited about my progress. To be honest what I love the most is that I’ve maintained an extremely feminine look which was my goal 😉
Thanks again for all your great tips!”

This is Stephanie’s Instagram

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  • THT is the training system design specifically for the purpose of making your muscles harder, more toned, denser, bigger and stronger.

  • It’s scientifically-backed, free, and incredibly effective for adding hard, defined, toned muscle fast. It answers all your questions and tells you exactly how and when to train. It tells you in crystal clear language.



  • The full and free THT workout routine (there is nothing to buy)

  • Free THT Exercise Bank (a list of the most effective substitute exercises)

  • Free THT Quick-Start Infographic – start training correctly in about 3 minutes

  • Free downloadable and printable THT Workout Logs

  • Free way to track your progress via a mobile app

…and it’s all backed by real science. No wonder girls and guys are getting the gains of their life with free THT training!

About the Creator of THT Training

Hey, I’m Mark McManus 🙂 I’m CEO of MuscleHack and a trainer to thousands around the world.

I created THT Training after researching all the current findings on training for size and strength. The most exciting thing is that over the past year I have seen a record number of women starting on THT Training! It’s been fantastic to see 🙂

My work has been featured in Iron Man magazine, Perfect Body Magazine,,, LiveStrong, and many top publications and sites.

“Now that you have the workout, please add me on social media so we can stay in touch and I can offer you free help and assistance” ~ Mark McManus

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)