It’s been a week since Total Anabolism 3.0 was unleashed to the public.

Questions have been coming in thick and fast which I will now address.

Some of the questions are answered clearly and emphatically in the book itself. I said right from page one that you have to read the whole book.

I put a lot of time and effort into research and writing (and re-writing) this book and putting out there for free. All I ask is that if you want to maximize your muscle gains, read the thing in its entirety.

Some questions that I’ve been getting are from people who obviously haven’t read the book. These questions will be ignored. It’s the equivalent of accepting a gift from someone, seeing that there is an instruction manual that comes with it, handing the manual back to the giver and saying, “I can’t be bothered reading it, YOU read it and then tell me how it works”.

So that’s the rant over. Now to the questions…

“I love the workout Mark but is this THT cycle the final one? The only one? Is this it?”

In the comments section of the previous article I wrote the following,

“TA 3.0 is a FIRST INSTALLMENT based upon the past year’s research. There will be 3.1, 3.2, and so on.

Put simply, the TA 2.0, higher volume (more sets) approach is NOT over and done with! It will definitely have its place in this new system. However, I just need to spend some more time testing and tweaking it to fit. In short, there will be cycles of TA 2-style training and you will then “cycle the cycles”, so to speak.

The principles of Intensity, Volume, and Frequency are fundamental, BUT you can vary them and make the necessary adjustments in the other principles to compensate.

I say in the ‘1 set to failure’ section that I am not 100% sold on the idea that 1 set stimulates as much growth as multiple sets and that I would clarify this in a future update of the book.

Here’s it in summary for those who can’t wait…
Example, if I do more sets (let’s say 6) I will stimulate more growth (if done correctly) but also need much longer to recover. This would mean a higher volume but also a longer training frequency (longer POP).

The THT principles still hold true but they have been MANIPULATED to vary the program which I feel will be necessary in the long-term.

Please note that I will have the updated version ready before any of you finish a 3.0 cycle, so you’ll know what to do before that time comes.”

“I don’t have access to a dip station, what else can I do instead?”

Don’t be too concerned. Do incline bench presses instead.

“I’ve downloaded the workout logs, but there is no log for the Consolidation workouts.”

There ARE logs for the consolidation workouts. The Excel file contains 3 sheets. Open the file and look to the bottom. You will see 3 sheets labeled, “Mass1“, “Mass2“,and “Consolidation“. Simply click on each one to display the corresponding log.

You should also have noted that each 4th workout is missing i.e. there is no Workout 4, Workout 8, and so on. That’s because these are consolidation workouts and you have to click on the appropriate tab to display these training logs.

(Be aware that I made a mistake in the consolidation logs. I wrote ‘squats’ where it should have been ‘leg presses’ – please correct accordingly.)

“How do I warm-up for this workout?”

Since this is a fully body workout I would suggest a minute or 2 on either a cross trainer or a rowing machine at LOW intensity. Follow this up with a light set of squats (50% of working set) to get the whole body warmed up. That’s all you’ll need for the whole workout. There is NO need to do a light set of every exercise before the real working set.

“I need replacement exercises since I don’t have the necessary equipment.”

Before I answer this it is important to note that this cycle of THT does require the exact exercises listed. I will list some substitutes here, but if you cannot get resistance at the PCP, or work a muscle according to its function, the workout will not be maximally effective.

It is not my job to create the most popular workout in the world, or the one that everyone can do, but to let the FACTS dictate the precise training stresses/exercises that are MAXIMALLY effective for muscular hypertrophy. Having said that, of course growth can still be stimulated with more traditional exercises.

  • Lat pull downs SUB WITH pull ups or decline cable pullovers
  • Cable Preacher curl SUB WITH Standing cable curls or barbell curls where you lean torso forward at the top to create resistance at the PCP
  • McManus Push Downs SUB WITH Lying barbell french curls
  • Cable Shrugs SUB WITH dumbbell/barbell shrugs or even get a shrug bar
  • Dips SUB WITH Incline Bench Press
  • Decline Sit-Up SUB WITH Regular Sit-Ups with a weight on your chest or any cable crunching movement if you have access to it
  • Pec Deck SUB WITH Pec Deck-style movements with a cable crossover machine. If you have only barbells and dumbbells just perform bench presses since dumbbell flies provide zero resistance at the top of the movement. Also consider partial flies followed immediately by flat bench press, done in the same manner as the shoulder superset in THT.

I hope that helps.

Train, Progress, & You WILL Grow!


You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)