foods-to-get-rippedHere are my top 20 foods to eat when cutting.

I’ve split them into foods that are mainly protein, carbs, and fat.

Bear in mind that when cutting, your protein intake needs to remain high – every day. The worst thing that can happen when losing fat is losing muscle. Unfortunately, MOST people who try to reach low body fat percentages end up losing a significant amount of muscle in the process. This doesn’t need to happen (see Total Six Pack Abs for the scientific way to get ripped without losing muscle).

So we’ll start with protein…


(1) Turkey

turkey-breast(2) Chicken

(3) Tuna

(4) Yogurt (natural)

(5) Lean Red Meat

(6) Whey Protein (whey is the best source of protein in terms of its bio-availability. See Top 5 Protein Sources for Building Muscle).

In the USA get Optimum Nutrition Whey. In Europe get Impact Whey from MyProtein.


You’ll need carbs for general energy and for replenishing muscle glycogen levels. But the carbs you choose should be low in sugar as sugar stimulates appetite and the resulting insulin release will cause storage of energy/calories as fat (see ‘how carbs affect weight loss‘ for more on this).

Also, fibrous vegetables are big and provide bulk for the stomach while containing little in the way of calories or carbs. This is so beneficial when trying to avoid hunger. So they go at the top of the list. All guys and girls on my TSPA cutting program are advised to consume vegetables each day and are told which ones work best for this purpose.


(7) Broccoli (see top 10 reasons to include broccoli in your diet)

(8) Cauliflower (try my cauliflower-based “fauxtatoes“)

Stomach-vegetables-Oil(9) Cabbage

(10) All salad vegetables (lettuce, cucumber, tomato…)

(11) Sweet potato

(12) Brown Rice

(13) Rolled Oats

(14) Apples

(15) All berries (blueberries, strawberries etc.)


Fat. Unlike the MANS diet, when you’re cutting you can’t go crazy with fat intake. Notice how the protein sources above are pretty lean.

However, if you keep your fat intake too low, your anabolic hormone profile will take a hit. This is another reason why a lot of guys lose muscle when cutting. Fat is also satiating, which will allow you to cut without feeling as hungry.

(16) MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides encourage ongoing fat loss by the body. MCT’s are digested quickly and provide fatty acids rapidly to the muscles)

(17) Eggs (Omelettes are great! A simple one is eggs, ham, mushrooms, and cheese. Omelettes are loaded in protein and very low in carbs).

(18) Cheese (use lower fat dairy towards the end of your cut)eggs

(19) Coconut Oil  (MyProtein in the UK do a great coconut oil)

(20) Flax Seed (virtually no net carbs and you can cook with ground flax seeds).


NOTE: I’d just like to add that when coming toward the end of the cut and calories are at their lowest, opt for dressings such as:

  • Salsa
  • Vinaigrette
  • Extra light Mayonnaise


Have you any other suggestions? Let me know below.

If I can help you in any way, let me know below in the comments section 😀

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