Hi guys! Yeah, yeah, I know – it’s been a while.

I’ve been busy with a BIG update of Total Six Pack Abs – it’s about to be bigger, better and MORE EFFECTIVE than ever! Good thing since summer is just around the corner! 😀

Ok, today I want to talk about something important – The Set!

The THT weight training program is a low-set frequency BUT High Intensity workout!

You MUST start to realize the significance of the following statement…

Each set is an opportunity to build muscle!

Since we take a 2-3 minute rest between sets in THT, there exists an opportunity to build muscle every couple of minutes.

Do you think of the set as something you have to get out the way in order to complete a workout? You shouldn’t!
You need to get focused and see each set as one more chance to IGNITE muscle growth.

A low-set frequency allows for better mental focus and therefore improved performance. During a workout you should be focused on the next set only, NOT the entire workout.
Take 1 set at a time.
In fact, what I often do is convince myself that I’m only performing 1 set – the next one!

I do this by sometimes telling myself, “Just 1 set man, that’s it”, in between sets. Even though in reality I may have 5 sets remaining.

With this mindset, I know I’ll give it my all. If I think in terms of the whole workout, I may feel overwhelmed or take a ‘let’s just get this thing done’ approach.

My Between-Set Routine

So here’s what I am currently doing to maximize my performance between sets!

(1) Start my stopwatch

(2) Record the reps I just hit on my previous set in my workout log

(3) I usually have to drop weight between sets to stay in the 8-12 rep range so I then spend a little time adjusting the load for my next set.

(4) What I then do is look at how many reps I got for the upcoming set last week. Let’s say I hit 9 reps last time around, I start repeating the number 10 over and over again in my head.

(5) While I’m still repeating, “10, 10, 10, 10”, I start visualizing how I want that particular body part to look. I’ll see in my minds eye exactly how I want that muscle to look. I could be clothed in the ‘mind movie’ or completely naked! I could be by myself or in company – it doesn’t matter. Think of whatever it is that will get YOU excited. You’re the only one who knows about it so don’t be embarrassed to make it as crazy as you like. Remember that if you can see something in your mind’s eye AND believe that it’s possible, it IS possible!

(6) Just before I start the set I’ll remind myself that this is an opportunity to make that movie a reality! If I underperform, it’s a chance I can NEVER get back – Hardly a small thing!

That’s my between-set routine. It’s incredibly effective and I urge you to try it!

Now, just out of interest I thought I’d let you guys know just how many sets per week I’m using to train each body part at the moment…

Biceps – 7
Shoulders – 7
Traps – 2
Chest – 6
Legs – 6
Back – 6
Triceps – 6
Abs – 6

I’m not currently dedicating any sets towards directly stimulating the forearms or calves.

Natural guys and girls have to train with a low-set volume. Not only does it build more muscle BUT I hope this article illustrates that it is much better for mental focus and intensity too! Jeff Willet elaborates on this fact here.

Start looking at this thing we call a ‘set’ differently. It’s not so much something you do, but rather a golden opportunity – take advantage!

Your Buddy,

Mark McManus

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)