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This is it! If you want to build the maximum amount of muscle possible – you should be eating all 10 of these foods on a regular basis.

Guys, you’re basically looking at my diet below. This is how I eat all the time. Even when I’m getting shredded, I eat the same foods – just in smaller quantities and I don’t have my 1 x weekly cheat meal.

How many of these 10 do you get on a regular basis? Let me known below or on my facebook or instagram ~ Mark McManus 


(1) EGGS


Did you know that eggs are the best “real food” protein on the planet? That’s not my opinion. It has a bio-availability score of 100 – higher than any other protein – bar none! Yes, whey has a higher score – I just don’t put whey in the category of “food”.

You can drop some yolks when dieting down, but yolks can produce 45% more muscle growth than egg whites alone!


(2) WHEY


With its superior amino acid profile and the bio-availability I mentioned above (a score of up to 159), it’s probably the best source of protein on the planet for building muscle. Best taken during and/or after training – shoot for 40g protein from whey after your THT training sessions. See here for why I recommend 40g/2 scoops instead of 1 scoop – there’s good science for this!

[My recommended UK & European protein | Recommended US protein]

By the way, if you’d like easy-to-make protein-packed recipes to fuel your muscle growth, check out MuscleHack Buff Baking 3. There’s pancakes, peanut butter cookies, ice cream, protein “nutella”, “strong man’s” sausage bake, chocolate cake, “popcorn” chicken and many more!


(3) TURKEY (and chicken)


I’ll put these 2 together. But turkey is slightly better – it’s leaner, so the protein content per 100g is slightly higher.

But they’re both about 1/4 protein content per weight. So 100g will give you about 25g protein.

In fact, pretty much all meat and fish is about the same – 25g protein per 100g. It’s a good rule of thumb to keep in your head.


(4) COTTAGE CHEESE (and Quark)


Cottage cheese is a slow-releasing protein. As such, many people take it before bedtime. You can also make a killer protein pancake with it. Quark is pretty much the same thing, but without the lumps. It’s high in protein and the protein is of really good muscle-building quality! Don’t leave these out of your diet.




You just can’t go wrong here. Very high in quality protein, and all you gotta do is add some sweetener and berries and you’ve got a bowl of awesomeness – especially when craving dessert! Check out my 35g protein dessert here using Natural Greek Yogurt.


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(6) BROCCOLI & CAULIFLOWER – the Kings of veggies


Yes, vegetables also help build muscle (did I ever tell you that I eat 9 portions of veg a day! 5 is recommended). But broccoli and cauliflower are the kings! Why? The both contain Glucoraphanin. Long story short – they can help “switch off” something in your body that slows the rate at which we can build muscle.

To get full details, see my post “The 2 Vegetables That Make Muscles Grow!




I love kidney beans! Although they are seen mostly as a carb source, they’re also a great source of protein. 8g protein per 100g. A tesco 250g tin will deliver 19g protein before you add your protein source to the plate!


(8) BEEF


A superior protein source. Fat in your diet is also required for optimal testosterone production – you just won’t build much muscle at all if your testosterone levels are suppressed. See my top 5 reasons to eat red meat here.


(9) TUNA


Tuna is a staple in the bodybuilder’s diet. And for good reason. It’s basically a “protein-only” food, so it works with any diet and its up there near the top in terms of bio-availability score. See my cool little “Tuna Burger Patty” recipe. I love them when I’m cutting.

If you want me to make a diet for you to get a six-pack, see my ‘Get Me Shredded’ option here – I’ll get you ripped fast.


(10) OATS


A carb that has a decent amount of protein, has a low Glycemic Index value, and is very low in sugar content – a great carb for building muscle. I like to add some chocolate whey for chocolate flavor “proats” – delicious.


So…what do you think? How many of these 10 do you get on a regular basis? And do you think I missed any? Let me known below or on my facebook or instagram ~ Mark McManus 🙂


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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)