line-of-pull-of-a-muscleDo you know what the Line of Pull is?

If not, you need to know.

It has a BIG impact on your gains. Here’s why…

We all want to achieve maximal contractions in our workouts in order to stimulate maximum growth.

So it’s important to understand that:

a muscular contraction can only achieve its maximal physiological and mechanical efficiency when performed along the line of pull.

Don’t worry about the fancy definition, let me explain by example.

Let’s take the squat.

Many guys make the mistake of having their feet too far apart. Shoulder-width apart allows you to work along the line of pull.


Because any wider actually WASTES contractile force. You are not moving along the most efficient path for the movement, hence some of the force you are producing is moved away from actually moving the weight up and down and is simply wasted.

That’s an example of the line of pull as it refers to an exercise. We can also refer to the line of pull for an individual muscle.

Let’s look at the biceps.

You know that in previous articles I’ve mentioned that for any given body part, an exercise should be included that works along the path of its FUNCTION.

So we look at the function of a muscle and see what exercise works in harmony with it. Then we can be sure that we will be recruiting 100% of the muscle fibers for that muscle.

The function of the biceps:

  1. To supinate the hand i.e. turn the palms to face up
  2. Elbow flexion i.e. raising the forearm up towards the upper arm

line-of-pull-bicepsSupinating the hand is actually the primary function of the biceps. It therefore follows that the hand must be in the fully supinated position (palm facing up) to fully contract the bicep.

Test it yourself now…

  • Raise your forearm so that it is at a right angle to your humerus (upper arm bone).
  • Now turn your hand from a pronated position (palms facing down) to a fully supinated one. Feel how to bicep starts to contract and ONLY reaches a position of FULL contraction when the hand is fully supinated.

Having the hand in a more pronated position, as with EZ bar curls, forces you to lose a lot of the potential contractile force. It can’t maximize muscle fiber recruitment, and you therefore can’t stimulate maximum growth.

The line of pull is one of the reasons why I state time and again that isolation exercises are a requirement in addition to compound movements if your goal is COMPLETE muscular development.

As I stated in ‘What is Muscle Growth‘, we produce tiny micro-tears inside individual muscle fibers. As they repair they become thicker i.e. your muscles grow.

But you simply can’t create these tears in fibers that weren’t even recruited in the exercise. So many compound-only routines make the bold claim that you can get maximum muscle growth without isolation exercises.

For example, you may be advised to do the overhead press for big biceps. This is just wrong.

An overhead press is simply not optimally mechanically effective for the biceps. There is no theory here. It’s a fact.

You need an exercise that will work along the line of pull. In the case of the biceps, the best exercise is cable preacher curls.

So what are you, the reader, going to do? You don’t have to worry about it.

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Train With Intensity!


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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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