Stupid EmailsI decided to publish a selection of the craziest/weirdest/funniest emails I get on a monthly basis. They’re just too too hilarious not to share.

So here is the latest batch.

Note: If you happen to see an email you sent here, sorry, but it was either daft, funny, or both. And we all need a bit of comic relief from time to time. Obviously I don’t share names or emails, so it’s all anonymous.

“if i start with your workout ie shoulder,thigh,tri biceps,back,chest then what will be my second cycle daywise and also tell me diet for big wings.”

Anyone wanna help this guy out? Diet for big wings? Anyone?

“Plz….. I want malayalam work out of gym”


“hai hack first how to increase my weight…..please ask me. my weight is just 56kg”

Ask you what?

“Hi !!
Team hope that all will be fine and Awsome….
hey sir i Really need you and your team to help me OUT as here in my country the Sport ( Bodybuilding ) has no support , no one support me m really upset , and want your attention towards me
i will be Really thankful to you and your Team if you plz plz plz invite me to join your Team , i will be more than happy and Thankful to YOU and YOUR TEAM
i will be working for your Company along with your Team , as long as you want
All of it i wana get out of here , i mean my Country and never come here Again in my life
Hope to hear good from YOU and YOUR Team Soon.”

What do you think? Should I “turn my attention towards him”? Should get this guy plane ticket to Ireland and let him stay with me? I’m mulling it over.

“hightly interested in your program but still a bit scepticle of its contents, therefore, could you e-mail me at least 3 pages of your program so that I can maintain whether or not this is the program that will permite me to obtain 6-Pak ABS? I think that this is a fair request, and I will not pass this info to others; you have my word.

Yeah that’s a fair request ‘Mr. Stranger’. I trust ya bud. So glad I have your word on this matter.

“i wnt to gain so quick…………………………..gv a pwdr tht i cn use it”

He should really look up that powder ‘Gain-So-Quick 5000’ – it’s just what this guy’s looking for.

“I have downloaded the ebook but it looks like something missing. I see 3 files 6-8, 7-10, 8-12, what happend 1thru 5”

Obviously referring to the different rep ranges. See folks, this is what happens when you download something and don’t actually read it.


Well I hope you got a giggle out of that.

There’s always new ones landing in my inbox so I’ll probably make this a regular monthly feature.

Your Buddy,


You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)