train to failureMaximizing the productivity of your workouts should be of paramount importance to anyone wanting to build an impressive physique.

You will note in Total Anabolism 2.0, one of the main principles of THT training is the combination of:

  1. Going to ‘Positive Failure’ on every set
  2. Progressively Overloading your muscles every workout

In a previous article I stated that in instances where you achieve progression on a given set (e.g. you get 10 reps on your second set of EZ bar curls compared to 9 on this set on your last biceps workout) BEFORE you reach positive failure, it’s best to stop there to ensure that you again progress the following week and in successive sets.

I have now changed my mind on that.

In fact, I had changed my mind before writing the new Total Anabolism, as is evident by the fact that I advise you to train to failure on EVERY set in the book.

Train To Failure

So, let me make it clear. If you can get 2, or 3, or 4 reps (or 100 for that matter) more on a given set than your previous performance, do it!

So why the change? I used to think that stopping short of failure was perfectly fine if you had already achieved progression on that set. The fact that you could have gotten 1 more rep means that you are guaranteed to get at least 1 more rep during your next workout on this particular set. This means that you ensure progression week on week.

This is a tip I picked up years ago and have never questioned it, until recently. It has been an attitude of open-mindedness that has allowed me to discover the truths about how to build muscle and shed fat fast. I don’t buy other people’s dogma or believe hype about certain supplements etc.. and I’m not going to start.

When I realized that I was following something without putting it to the test, I knew I had to make a change.

A few months ago I started to train to ‘positive failure’ on every set to gauge what would happen progression wise, in successive workouts. I ensured that I gave it 100% in each set of my workouts to make certain that I wouldn’t just subconsciously validate my present beliefs by failing early.

Well, the results are in. I STILL achieved a progression by at least one rep when I trained to positive failure in EVERY set.

Putting ALL the principles of THT training into consistent action means that you’ll achieve the maximum strength and muscle gains possible! I know you’ve read the book, but go back and re-read the training section over again.

We always pick up things in a second read that we didn’t notice in the first. As I say in the book, each principle of THT training works in harmony with all others. If you do this thing to a T, you’ll succeed beyond anything you’ve ever achieved before.

Remember that when you think you can’t, do 1 MORE REP! That’s where the growth is!

Your Bud!

Mark McManus

image credit: Capturing The Moment

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)