MuscleHack Show Podcast 3 – Run on Fat with Donal O’Neill

One of the most enlightening conversations I’ve ever had! You’ll love this interview with Donal O’Neill.

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Donal, who now resides in South Africa, talks with me about….


(1) Building Muscle & Losing Fat at the Same Time

In Cereal Killers 1 Donal added muscle and lost fat at the same time on a high fat, low-carb diet. Also, all his health markers improved (including cholesterol).


anabolic-solution(2) The Anabolic Solution

As an interesting note, one of the biggest changes for Donal came when he read ‘The Anabolic Solution for Bodybuilders‘ (a carb-cycling protocol). This was also my way into all of this. I show my copy of the book around 5 mins 50 (in the video).


(3) Endurance Athletes Perform Better when Fueled By Fat Instead of Carbs

Cereal Killers 2 (Run on Fat) makes the astonishing point that endurance athletes are actually better fueled by fat than carbs.


Sami Inkinen

Carb-eaters are carb-burners. When the carbs run out, their bodies are just not very efficient at burning stored body fat for energy and they “bonk”.

This is beautifully illustrated scientifically in Cereal Killers 2. Over time you see how an athlete (Sami Inkinen) actually burns more energy from fat the longer he stays on the low-carb, high-fat diet. So it appears that the longer you stay fat-adapted, the better.


(4) Incredible Benefits of Ketones

Next we discuss the role of ketones and the perhaps incredible benefits they may have for all athletes (and astronauts…and cancer sufferers – just some incredible info here!)


(5) His Visit to the LA Lakers

Donal goes on to say that he visited the LA Lakers who are taking this approach and seeing performance improvements.


(6) Donal Once Launched a High-Sugar Sports onto the Irish Market!

Lastly, and shockingly, in Cereal Killers 2 Donal spills the beans on how he once successfully launched a high-sugar sports drink onto the Irish market! This was about 12 years ago – I had to ask Donal, “What were you thinking!?”


Run-on-FatYou can connect with Donal on Twitter here and on Facebook here.

You can stream or rent Cereal Killers 2 Run on Fat here.

You can stream or rent Cereal Killers 1 here.

The official site for CK2 is RunOnFatMovie.com, where the movie can also be downloaded to own.

Watch the trailer for CK2 on YouTube here.




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