I found some cool pics you might be interested in seeing.

I was recently looking through an old hard drive and found pics from my first successful cutting cycle.

I didn’t put a date on them but I’m pretty sure these are from October 2006, about a year before I started MuscleHack.

This was the cut that took place while I was perfecting the Total Six Pack Abs system. You can see I’m pretty ripped in the pics but you’ll also see I was damn SKINNY! I’ll explain that in just a second.

I try telling people that I was really skinny before starting this site in an effort to help motivate them. Basically, if I beefed up like I did and stayed lean, SO CAN YOU!

I certainly don’t have the killer genetics that others are blessed with.

Back to my story…..Maybe a year or so before these pics were taken I was skinny-fat. I had built some muscle but had a BIG ol’ gut. I was about 22% body fat. My body stores fat mostly around the midsection so I wanted to finally shift it and implemented a low-fat diet – a horrible experience!

Here’s how it went…..

  • I lost fat initially along with some muscle
  • Then the fat loss stopped (even though I was on low calories)
  • So I cycled more, ran more, rowed more……
  • …..and lost a whole bunch of MUSCLE!

During this time of frustration I was reading and researching like a mad man. I learned A LOT.

I finally put my new knowledge into practice an VOILA! The fat started to come off with relative ease, I performed much less cardio and I got my wish – RIPPED abs!

The only problem was that it revealed to me just how skinny I had become due to my prior fat-loss efforts. It was coming into 2007 and I was starting from SCRATCH! And That Hurt!

The good news was that I was now armed with accurate information on how to build muscle and lose fat.

Anyway, here’s the pics…..

Measuring my body fat with my accumeasure calipers. Note the skinny arms!

Sorry, a couple of the pics are a little reddish.

Ever since I was finally successful at cutting to very low body fat percentages, I’ve been refining and improving the cutting system that is Total Six Pack Abs.

Out of interest I was about 7% body fat, possibly 8%, I can’t remember for sure.

Now I just need to find one of my big beer belly to show you guys! The thing is, I can’t ever remember lifting my top up to show THAT thing to anyone!

Anyway, I hope this maybe provides some inspiration to you all. It should inspire those who find it hard to lose fat and also those skinny guys who desperately want to build new slabs of muscle.

You can compare these pics to my more recent videos or even the pic in the footer in the section, ‘Who Is The Muscle Hacker?‘. That pic was taken almost a year later – big difference as far as muscle gain is concerned.

Stay Motivated My Friends! The Summer’s Here!


You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)