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So a few months ago I was talking to a guy in a gym I frequent often during the summer months.

As happens from time to time, I got asked for advice – this time about diet.

I have to say – he was pretty clued in. He was getting his protein and eating enough calories from clean sources. So then I asked about timing. And a problem became evident very quickly…

His last meal of the day was very small and very low in protein. Why? He thought that eating late (after 9pm) would make him fat and not contribute to muscle gains. 100%…NOT…TRUE.

Anyway, I gave him a meal idea consisting of protein, carbs and fat – and the protein came in at about 45g – enough to fuel growth all night. I also told him to cut back on some of his calories earlier in the day and move them to this 9-10pm slot.

UP 4lbs


About 4-5 weeks later, we re-connected and he told me he was up 4lbs and he believes it’s all lean gains! (he takes regular body fat readings with calipers like this).

I’ll explain how this works to produce far better gains and tell you exactly what to eat at bedtime in a minute. First watch this video proving that late eating will NOT make you fat.



Eating at night does not make you fat. Fat is going in and out of your fat cells all day long. Assuming that total calories are the same, a person who eats more cals during the day is storing more fat during the day, but losing more fat at night. The guy who eats more at night is losing more fat during the day but storing more at night. It all evens out.




Let’s talk protein absorption rates. A solid food meal of protein, fat, and carbs will absorb at the rate of 4-5g protein per hour. Let’s err on the side of caution and take the 5g/hr figure. Let’s assume that you’ll be without food at night for about 9hrs.

5 x 9 = 45g protein

So to get through the night, all you need is a solid food meal containing around 45g protein (with good carbs and fats).



Whey is not an option here as it absorbs much too quickly (about 10g/hour). Yes you could have casein (it’s a slow-release protein), but why pay for casein when you can just have solid food?

Regarding whey protein, here are my recommendations:
My recommended European protein | Recommended US protein

So, in order to be anabolic all night and fuel growth from the very best protein sources, you should be opting for:

  • Eggs
  • Chicken or Turkey
  • Fish
  • Beef
  • Quark or Cottage Cheese

Or any combination of these. These are the top 5 night-time proteins in my opinion.

So to hammer it home: At bedtime you should eat around 45g protein (if not a little more) from eggs, fish, beef, chicken, or cottage cheese.

This is even more relevant for you guys/gals on my Advanced THT routine, or any of my “Blast” workouts like The Chest Blast – you are stimulating massive amounts of growth! Make sure you are giving your body the building blocks it needs to actually produce that growth.

All meat is around 25% protein by weight. So 45g protein can be obtained from ~180g or about 6.5oz of meat or fish.


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I know some people will be skeptical about such rapid gains. First, he was using my THT Training (click to download free) (the right no. of sets, rep ranges, best exercises and so on…all scientifically validated). However, understand this…

Sometimes muscle gains are CYCLICAL. You can go a period without making size gains, yet keep gaining strength. Then all of a sudden, you pack on mass quickly. And these cyclical gains are MORE pronounced when you are doing almost everything right…then you fix something.

It’s as if the gains were there waiting all along. You’ve done everything right, but something (perhaps not getting enough food and protein at night when you actually build most muscle) is holding it all back. Then once you put that final piece of the puzzle in, the gains ‘catch up’ to where they should be…and it can happen fast!



Now you are clued in on bedtime nutrition, it’s time to start training properly. Start training with a program that actually works! Everything is free. There are no excuses.

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Hope y’all found that useful. Start using this info ASAP! And also add me on social media here ~ Mark McManus 🙂

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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)