Increase Energy LevelsWould you like to seriously boost your energy levels free of charge, without food or pills? You can!
What’s the secret?
It’s all in the breath my friend. (At the end of this article I’ll let you know where to get a free audio/visual program to guide you through the process).

Increase your Energy with an Ancient Oriental Breathing Technique

This breathing technique is of oriental origin but I first learned of it from Tony Robbins in his great life-changing Personal Development program ‘Personal Power 2″.

Basically the secret is to breathe deeply in the following ratio:

1 : 4 : 2

That means breath in for 1 count, hold that breath for 4 times that length and breath out for twice as long as the inhale time.

Here’s an example

  • If I breath in for 4 seconds
  • I hold that breath for 16 seconds
  • I exhale for 8 seconds

Repeat the process at least 8 times and preferably 12. Aim to do this process 3 times a day. Remember breath in slowly and deeply, completely filling the lungs. When you exhale, breath out slowly and empty the lungs again.

How Does it Work?

It’s very simple. This process oxygenates your blood i.e. it increases the amount of oxygen the blood is carrying to the cells of your body. The more oxygen your cells have oxygen to, the more energy your body will have. You are also increasing your lung capacity making it possible for the maximum amount of oxygen you inhale to increase over time.

Other Important Health Benefits

What you are doing here is stimulating the body’s lymph system. Unlike our blood, the lymph system does not have a pump (heart) to push the lymph fluids around our body. This deep breathing exercise does the trick perfectly!

The lymph system removes toxins from our body and we increase it’s capability with this exercise. Every time you perform deep breathing you will be stimulating the flow of the lymph and sending it on its way to to cleanse your insides. It removes toxins which are then expelled from our bodies through our waste channels, mucus or our skin.

This is extremely valuable. It is important to note that if our lymph system were shut off for just 1 day we would die as a result of trapped toxins. Also, the lymph system destroys bacteria, viruses and abnormal cells, such as cancer cells. The lymphatic system also boosts our immune system leaving us less vulnerable to sickness.

The whole process will leave you positively buzzing! My challenge to you is to practice this exercise 3 times a day for one week. See how energized and alive you’ll feel. Please, give yourself this gift.

Free Guided Audio / Visual Program

Fortunately, there is a free program that will guide you through the process. I use this program in the mornings upon rising; it’s great for a caffeine-free early-morning buzz!

You can download breathe142 here (see free download to the right of the screen).

There is a pay version but you can use this free version forever. You just have to put up with a pop-up at the beginning and end. It only lasts a few seconds though, well worth it.

Please give this a go. I promise you’ll feel a lot better. Also, I’d love to hear of your experiences with it. Leave a comment below for me to respond to if you wish.

Mark McManus

P.S. Here’s a few extra resources I found to increase your energy levels.

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)