As a Muscle Hacker, your goal is not weight loss. It’s FAT loss.

The big problem with most conventional advice (especially marketed towards women) is that you lose muscle tissue in addition to fat. So even if you’re successful in losing weight, your actual SHAPE will more than likely be worse than it was before. Ugh!

To change your shape you need to preserve, if not build, your lean tissue while burning the fat mass on top.

I talk at length about this in the introduction to my fat-stripping plan Total  Six Pack Abs. I tell those clients to imagine that they are wearing 2 suits on top of their skeleton, first the lean muscle suit, then the fat suit on top of that.
The idea behind getting ripped and looking good is shredding that fat suit while building the lean suit underneath.


Mark McManusHere’s a recent pic of me.

I’m pretty lean here.

So what’s my cardio routine to get this lean and stay this lean?

I don’t have one. I do no cardio. None. Never. Not even when cutting. I get my calorie burn from lifting. And I fuel growth and create a fat-loss environment with diet. Most of my Total Six Pack Abs clients do no (or very little) cardio while getting shredded.

See my article ‘Why Cardio Sucks And You Don’t Need To Do It‘ for more on the inferiority of cardio.


So here’s 4 ways that weight-training alone burns fat. And it burns it better than anything else.

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Did you know that almost a quarter of your resting metabolic rate (RMR) comes from muscle tissue? Muscle is ‘metabolically active’ tissue (fat isn’t). This means that muscle tissue burns calories just by being there.

The more muscle you have, the more energy you burn doing absolutely nothing – even lying on the couch. Muscular people find it easier to get lean and STAY lean.

Muscle tissue contributes to ~a quarter of your resting metabolic rate. Build muscle to stay lean Share on X




A single weight training session will increase your metabolism for ~36-48 hours. This is because your body is busy repairing all those destroyed muscle fibers – this costs energy. With cardio, your RMR comes back to normal shortly after the session ends.

By the way, we’re talking into the low hundreds of extra calories burned here, not just a couple dozen (if training to a high intensity i.e. to failure in each set).

You have an elevated metabolic rate for ~2days from lifting. You don’t get that from cardio Share on X




In the post-workout period of a weight-training session, as the body goes into an anabolic environment (the workout itself is catabolic) these increased hormones cause a greater percentage of fat to be used for fuel. This doesn’t happen to the same degree after cardio.




Consistent weight training over time causes your average levels of epinephrine and norepinephrine to increase. And happily…they stay that way.

These hormones help increase RMR and the amount of fat your body burns for energy. More in-depth science on this issue here on ideafit.


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You'll love your fast gains on THT!

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