mentally-strongWould you like to be mentally tough? To feel confident. Maybe even invincible?

Imagine feeling stronger, more assertive, and more in control of your own life.

Also, imagine you could develop resilience to bounce back from the life’s set-backs much quicker…and then use those experiences to your advantage.

If you study the successful people of the world, you’ll notice that they all have the qualities I’m about to list.

Learning and applying these traits might just work a revolution in your life!



(1) They have given up the fear of failure


Failure is a PART of success. If you choose to learn from what others call “failure”, then you didn’t fail.

If you keep going despite the inevitable set-backs, you’ll see that you only fail when you quit. There is no failure, just feedback. Learn from it.

“Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn” ~ John Maxwell

Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn ~ John Maxwell Click To Tweet


(2) They see problems, not as obstacles, but opportunities for growth


problemsI believe that there is a purpose to life. Therefore, there is a purpose to each individual life. A large part of that purpose is growth.

Therefore, challenges/problems are inevitable. But they are not random “bad things” that happen to us, but necessary occurrences pushing us to grow and expand.

If you are going through a challenging time ask yourself, if this were happening for a higher purpose, what would it be?


Going through a challenge? Ask: if this were happening for a higher purpose, what would it be? Click To Tweet


You may also want to ask how you would see this situation if it were happening FOR you and not TO you. If it were actually the perfect situation for your personal evolution. Think about it, you cannot climb a smooth mountain.


(3) They do not have an “entitlement” mindset


Strong, independent, successful people understand that the world does not owe them a living. The person that has most to do with what happens to you in life…is you!

The person that has most to do with what happens to you in you! Click To Tweet


And it is not your government’s job to take money from others and give it to you. It IS your government’s job to make sure that there is equality of OPPORTUNITY; then it’s YOUR job to take personal responsibility and make the most of those opportunities.


(4) They have the ability to delay instant gratification for long term success


The way I see it, in life you can have short-term pleasures or long-term fulfillment, and you can’t have both.

  • You can’t skip the gym [pleasure] and expect to build the body you want [success]
  • You can’t procrastinate [pleasure] and expect to be successful in your career [success]
  • You cannot eat whatever you want [pleasure] and expect to be ripped [success]
Instant gratification often comes with long-term painful consequences

Instant gratification often comes with long-term painful consequences

Make your choice as to the type of person you are going to be. Someone who caves in to instant gratification or attain true and lasting success?

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(5) When in pain they remember, “This too shall pass”


Yes indeed, all things pass. These 4 words can help you through a tough time. Move on and never waste time feeling sorry for yourself.

“Try to consider as transitory all adverse circumstances and disturbances. Like ripples in a pool, they occur and soon disappear.” ~ Dalai Lama


(6) They set written and clear goals for their life


Having goals gives your life direction and meaning.

If you don’t have these, you are much more likely to fall into the “short-term pleasure” model of life with all the inevitable pain that comes from that kind of lifestyle (see point 4 above).

Think of it like riding a bike. If you stay still and put your feet on the pedals, you’ll fall to one side or the other. However, if you pedal forward and start moving, the forward momentum brings balance and you stay upright.

If you want balance, direction, and a meaningful life, you need that forward momentum. And you only get this by setting goals.


(7) They have given up jealousy


Why be jealous of others? If someone is successful, they’ve worked damn hard and made sacrifices to get it. You have no business being jealous.

If you are jealous for another reason, realize that you are supposed to be you, and they are supposed to be them. There was no mistake made. We are all unique and you will become happy when you start being YOU and being true to yourself. Live authentically and be 100% you. You’ll then see that there’s no need for jealousy.

Jealousy sometimes arises by counting someone else’s blessings instead of your own.

Jealousy sometimes arises by counting someone else's blessings instead of your own. Click To Tweet


(8) They choose to believe that everything happens for a reason


everything-happens-for-a-reOf course, I cannot offer proof for such a belief. It is a belief that I have adopted in my own life. And it is shared by many others.

The reason for holding to such a belief is because of the inner change that it brings about.

When something “bad” happens, they do not take on a victim mentality and ask, “Why me?”. They ask, “How am I supposed to grow/change from this? Where is the opportunity in this?”


(9) They don’t fear criticism


If you are going to do anything big in life, you must accept beforehand that you will be criticized and be ok with it.

You cannot reach 1 million people, or even 10,000 people and not be criticized. People have different views and a certain percentage will always be more than willing to tell you where you went wrong (even if you are 100% correct).

Your response should be to try and understand their viewpoint and be kind in your response. If they cannot be civil, recognize that this is a reflection of who THEY are and ignore them.

Remember: No-one has ever erected a statue to a honor a critic.

Don't fear criticism. No-one ever erected a statue to a honor a critic. Click To Tweet


(10) They embrace change instead of fearing it


The only constant in life is change. So fearing change is folly.

Without change we’d still be riding on horse and cart. There’d be no internet. Things always get better over the long term.

If a change in your personal life appears to be for the worse, adopt the belief that it’s happening for a higher purpose (point 2 above). Never fall into victim mode.

Isn’t it true? Haven’t you been through some painful experiences in life that you thought were a curse at the time. Then a few months or years later you realize that you would not be the man or woman you are today, or be in the place you are today without it? I think we can all relate to this.

So perhaps there’s no such thing as a bad event. Don’t fear change.



My final piece of advice: We all need to learn these lessons (and more). You can choose the proactive route and just take them on board and live by them or…you can learn through suffering. In my own life, it has been the painful experiences that have been my best teacher. However, I wouldn’t recommend it 😉

I’d like to hear from you below. If you have anything to add, or a suggestion, or an experience from your own life, I’d love to hear it.


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