Cody-King-Before-&-After-THTPhilosopher Bertrand Russell once said that,

“The very best proof that something can be done is that someone else has already done it”.

I second that – big time!

For the start of  a new year, I have a story from you from a 19yr old hardgainer skinny kid who gained 19lbs and 2 inches on his arms in just 5 months of THT training. These are the type of results that are unheard of the bodybuilding game, but are actually quite normal for THT‘ers.

Most people that come to MuscleHack already believe that THT is the best way to pack on muscle mass. However, many newbies arrive at MH every day. For you, here is one more testimonial to add to the growing list that will hopefully encourage you to make the wise choice of downloading THT (it’s free).

It comes from 19yr old Cody Volckmar. He’s from Vredenburg (West Coast) , South Africa, and this is his facebook profile to authenticate his identity.


“Mark, here is my testimonial. You are an inspiration man. Stumbling upon your program one day on Google changed my life.

I have always had a very skinny body, no matter what I ate, healthy food or junk food, I could never pick up weight.

In the beginning I was a silly little punk in a big gym surrounded by huge roid junkies. I started weight lifting about 5 months ago and have stuck to it religiously.

Using THT I went from a scrawny bugger to an oak that can wear a tank top without feeling self conscious about how small he is. Your methods and techniques have literally cut out the BS in the weight-training game and made me see the logic behind intensity and recovery.

Using your workout logs & the THT book I have gained 5cm on my biceps (which is about 2 inches).

Starting weight 71kg. Peaked at 80kg. 8kg = a gain of ~19lbs.

Cody Before T.H.T.

Cody Before T.H.T.

Cody After T.H.T.

Cody After T.H.T.

I recommend your program to anyone, young or old.

By the way, the ladies dig the muscle. You are the best man!”


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Transform your body in 2014, guys! Do THT to a T!


P.S. People continually ask me if they can continue on THT if they get the TSPA program to lose fat. Yes. TSPA has a (slightly modified) THT cycle, so you will keep gaining as normal, even when on TSPA.

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)

You'll love your fast gains on THT!

Cool! Click here to take you to the download page. (or check your email for the download link)